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  1. Mochlin
    It happens to me always :c, first you need to copy the OREMO comment to the folder, then you open the reclist in oremo and after that you set the recording folder (sorry if you didn't understand me :'c)
    Jan 11, 2018
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  2. Kiyoteru
    Basically, the comment file should be in the recording folder. I recently updated the reclist download so that the reclist was 1 file, which should hopefully make it work more reliably.
    Jan 11, 2018
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  3. WinterdrivE
    I can never get it to work, so I just open the index.csv file in Notepad and put it on one side of the screen and oremo on the other.
    Jan 11, 2018
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  4. ryanlanuza18
    OMG IT WORKED FOR ME! thank you so much!!!
    Jan 14, 2018
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