UST Aiso Warai | アイソワライ 2016-06-16

Ust for one of Kairiki Bear's less known songs

  1. xShadowxXIII
    Original Producer:
    Kairiki Bear
    After getting hooked onto kairiki bear thanks to People Allergy, I went on to listen through a few more of his songs. I was astonished to see that there wasn't any ust for this one yet.

    The ust:
    main.ust: the main vocals
    hamo.ust: the harmonies
    Terms of Use:
    You may use and alter, as long as crediting me for the base ust.
    Should you want to redstribute an altered version based off of mine, please ask beforehand.
    • VCV
    • Contains unusual samples (i.e. ending breaths, glottal stops, CV English)
    • Hiragana