Single Reclist English VCV Expansion Reclist 1.1

A reclist made to expand the English capabilities of existing Japanese-language voicebanks.

  1. lunavi
    This is an English VCV expansion reclist, intended for creating English-language expansion libraries for existing Japanese-language VCV voicebanks. This reclist uses standard Japanese-language vowels, so English pronunciation will not be 100% flawless, but it can greatly improve the clarity with which a Japanese-language voicebank can sing in English.

    I wrote this list for Amakune Ichigo ACT1’s English extension (1.2.); you can hear a demo of her English capabilities here.

    I've since expanded the list with sounds (namely, VCV diphthongs, ending vowel VCs for “N” and “M,” and native ending VCs attached to the VCV strings) that are not currently included with Ichigo ACT1.2.

    I'm planning on re-recording this expansion with additional features for Ichigo's ACT2 at some point, so this list may be updated in the future as I do more testing and recording on my own.

Recent Updates

  1. 1.1 Fixed unnecessary additional dipthongs

Recent Reviews

  1. playerick
    Version: 1.1
    weird layout

    to make it more good layout i would do this