UST /hidden 2016-01-23

ust for Deadball-P's fifth "a little erotic song"

  1. xShadowxXIII
    Original Producer:
    Mind you, the song really is a little erotic. There's lots of moaning in it, as well as "obvious" metaphors in the lyrics.
    The guitar's ultra nice tho'

    Notes for the different ust files featured:
    hidden_ust.ust: the main vocals of the song
    hidden_h.ust: main harmonies
    aaa.ust: background singing during the verses
    aaah.ust: harmonies for the background singing
    hanasu.ust: the spoken parts of the song
    chorus left.ust: first fully left-panned part
    chorus left2.ust: second fully left-panned part
    chorus left3.ust: third fully left-panned part
    chorus right.ust: first fully right-panned part
    chorus right2.ust: second fully right-panned part
    chorus right3.ust: thrid fully right-panned part
    Terms of Use:
    You may use and alter, as long as crediting me for the base ust.
    Should you want to redstribute an altered version based off of mine, please ask beforehand.
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