How to make Mac UTAU voicebank compatible for Windows users

Helpful recourse for all Mac UTAU users

  1. 幸兔雪 (Yukito Yuki)
    When you are making a voicebank in Mac, there are few things that you should take a note before release it "as that".

    UTAU that are made/configured in Windows will always run normally in Mac UTAU as long as UTAU's voicebank data is NOT exe file. So for all Windows user: instead of exe file, please release your VB as normally packed zip/7z/rar file or UAR, so Mac users can run it, thank you!

    But, unfortunately, if you're Mac user and want to make your UTAU compatible for Windows users, you'll trick a little more.

    But don't worry! I will tell the most important things to make it Win competitive - and I promise that it's not that hard if you follow this info carefully.

    3 things that you absolutely should do as Mac user before compressing your VB:

    First (and the most important) thing:

    - After 100% configuring ALL wav files (all oto correctly), then make a copy of oto_ini.txt file and convert that in to that oto.ini file.

    Yes, it IS super hyper important to convert oto_ini.txt in to oto.ini file because oto_ini.txt doesn't work in Windows at all!!! (People will complain that "NOOO THEY DON'T SING" without .ini file)

    To convert oto_ini.txt into oto.ini very easy and safe way:

    Use SetParam run that is in Wineskin, you can download that here! (Thank you @Kiyoteru for this! Super helpful and easy!)

    1) Download Kasane Teto (or any other UTAU that is configured in Win UTAU), make a copy her oto.ini file and open that file in TextEdit program.

    2) Select all of the copied oto.ini (shortcut command: command+A) and delete all. Now, open your oto_ini.txt file, select all again, copy all (yes, also #Charset:UTF-8 thing from beginning too! Important!) and paste that into currently empty oto.ini copy.

    3) Put oto.ini copy that has now information of oto_ini.txt into your voicebank folder.

    4) Now open the SetParam that is in WineSkin (just click the app's icon and should open normally like any other program). Select your VB's folder (best place to locate your VB for this operation is in at desktop), Then it will ask "Load voice configuration file?", select "Load".

    Now, select oto.ini and it should start load oto file. Now (if all looks correct) just go to File => Save Voice Configuration (Ctrl+S) => Save => "File already exists. Do you want to replace it?", select "Yes". And now... you're done! Now you have an oto.ini file for Windows!

    If you convert oto_ini.txt into oto.ini file correctly, it'll work file and yes, you can Alias in hiragana with no problem.

    Sure, there's other ways to convert oto_ini.txt into oto.ini than using SetParam in Wineskin, but I think that running in Wineskin is the surest way.

    Second thing:

    Second important thing is that you remove ALL .spef files from your VB. Why? Because...

    A ) Windows UTAU users do nothing with this files, it's UTAU-Synth exclusive files that make rendering VB fast in UTAU-Synth.

    B ) .spef files makes your VB always (nearly) double size, spef will just take unnecessarily lot of space from Win user PC's memory.

    Easy and fast way to remove all .spef files:

    1) Go to your VB folder and go into your VB folder.

    2) press command+F (F like "find"), type ".spef" (without "" marks). Now you should see all your VB folder's spef files.

    3) Select all by command+A and remove spef files another folder (or just put in Trash, up to you).

    Third thing:

    This step is (kinda) optional but I recommend to do this: create a PDF of your readme.txt file. Because sadly, even with right encoding (saved as "Japanese(Shift JIS)"), the readme.txt might not open correctly in Win... BUT! PDF file format is the file type that will always open in Win correctly for sure!

    Another positive thing in PDF compared to txt file is that you can use any "special" alphabets like ü å ø è and any non-latin writing system such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic etc in your readme with no compatible problem! - cool right?

    You can super fast and easily export txt file in to PDF in TexEdit:

    1) Open txt file that you wish to export ad PDF file
    2) File => Export as PDF...
    3) Save and done!

    If you want visually more attractive, more cool-looking stylish, PDF file then please use Pages instead but I think that a plan PDF ver of txt file is enough.

    About compressing your VB:

    - Zipping is the fastest and easiest way to compress files on Mac but if want to pack your UTAU VB as a zip file then the VB's ALL file names MUST be in romaji (latin alphabets). If not, your voicebank will be automatically mojibake for Windows users even with Japanese locale!

    -If your VB is, however, as a Japanese voicebank, encoded in hiragana (e.g _かかきかくけか.wav or か.wav ect), then you should use a program called Keka and compress your VB as .7z file (no zip)! You can download Keka here!


    I hope that this tutorial was helpful for any Mac/UTAU-Synth user! If you have any question and/or there's something I should add, please comment! Thank you!
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