Model J-LYN 2020-07-02

An MMD model for the utau J-LYN.

  1. vanbo37
    Original or Edit:
    Original Content
    This is an MMD model I made for my UTAU. It has a number of issues with rigging/physics and the textures aren't quite mapped how I wanted them to be. So I used spheres where I thought I could get away with it
    Terms of Use:
    You are NOT allowed to:
    -claim this model or character as your own
    -take parts of this model and use them in other things
    -use this model in commercial works
    -use this model in R18/fetish scenarios
    -use this model to depict hate speech, political figures/viewpoints, abuse, ****, pedophilia, bullying, or criminal activity
    -edit the mesh, spheres, textures, or model info
    -redistribute or reupload the model

    You ARE allowed to:
    -use this model in romantic scenarios
    -use this model in gory scenarios
    -depict cartoon violence
    -use this model in suggestive scenarios, provided they stay PG-13 and do not depict fetishes
    -edit toons
    -have a little salami. as a treat

    If you use this model, you must credit me (vlbonnie) for the creation of the character and model.

    tl;dr: keep it sfw and polite, credit me