Single Reclist Japanese CV + Museion 1.0


  1. YukitoYuki
    This is not just a basic Japanese CV! This has also VC, C and CC combinations for specific sounds (無声音). VB recorded with this reclist can for example say "des" and "staa" (instead of "desu" or "sutaa").

    Zip file Includes:

    - readme.txt
    - oto.ini files (Hiragana + Romaji ver)
    - reclist.txt (Hiragana + Romaji ver)

    Ver 1.0 => *

    *Scroll down the page to read my important comments about recording (I did write my comment in English and Japanese) and click red "Download" button to download zip file.

    Zip file is just 21KB, so it isn't big and should DL it very quickly.

    An Example VB (recorded with romaji ver. Zip file size of this VB is 42MB ) =>


    I recommend to DL also an example VB, so you can see how it is configured and recorded.