Do you like to compose music with UTAU?. music composing with synthesized voices may be fun, but dealing with how western computers deals with Japanese characters is not.
UTAU was developed in Visual Basic 6 by a Japanese developer, and unfortunately, it does not run properly on western computers. some problems that may occur are:
  • Incorrect file names when you install a voicebank because of how VB6 read Japanese zip files
  • You can not enter Japanese characters without changing your system locale
But now, with Kana Solver v3, you can solve all those problems
Kana solver can properly handle Japanese zip files, after the installation, you can automatically convert your voicebank to romaji characters, Kana Solver v3 supports converting filenames and oto.ini aliases, can handle Japanese characters on, allowing you to convert multi-pitch voicebanks.
Kana Solver v3 don't use dumb find and replace text algorithms, it parses and understand each voicebank's text file, like oto.ini, and character.txt
Go ahead and download Kana Solver, it's 100% free and opensource !!!
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