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Moresampler by Kanru Hua 2015-10-12

So Kanru Hua seems to have developed something called Moresampler, a combination resampler-wavtool, which bypasses the limitations on the current wavtool and uses its own special, adaptive sampling method to render samples. It requires a bit of fiddling to set up and still has some issues with crashing/not working in certain circumstances (it seems to be very much still a work in progress, if the main page is any indication), but test samples seem to be very favorable about its sample quality and ability to crossfade (especially with tricky things like CCs - as you can expect, Cz is very excited about this sampler).

Thanks to the chain of people who gave heads-ups and eventually got the information down to me (I think the nearest person I know who knew about it was Jeremy, but somehow the information's got to have come down the vine from somewhere)!
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