OTO Aliaser 1.0

Automatic aliases for CV banks, and more!

  1. Kiyoteru
    This adds or replaces aliases in an OTO.
    If adding aliases, it reads the filenames in the OTO.
    If replacing aliases, it reads the existing aliases.

    The primary usage of this tool would be for automatically adding the corresponding aliases to CV Japanese OTO. Dictionaries are pre-included for Romaji to Hiragana, and Hiragana to Romaji. There is also a custom dictionary if you want to add or replace aliases a different way. You're allowed to edit all of the dictionaries.
    I've edited Defoko's OTO as a test, and you can see the results in the OTO folder.

    To use, download OtoAliaser.zip and decompress.
    Put your oto in the "oto" folder, then run the "OTO Aliaser.jar" file.
    If you are using UTAU through wine, it generates an OTO for the Windows version of UTAU, so please select Windows as your OS.
    This only works with unicode OTOs. You may need to convert the OTO from Shift-JIS to UTF-8.
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