UST rain_stain_ 2017-05-08

ust fpr Hazy-P's popular song

  1. xShadowxXIII
    Original Producer:
    It's a ust for a song as old as time in UTAU community units lol
    It's still bomb though.
    The ust uses some very specific flags to get that raspy effect .May or may not work with the UTAU you're using!

    The ust:
    main: the main vocals
    hamo1: the high harmonies, panned slightly to the left
    hamo2: the low harmonies, panned slightly to the right
    Terms of Use:
    You may use and alter, as long as crediting me for the base ust.
    Should you want to redstribute an altered version based off of mine, please ask beforehand.
    • VCV
    • Hiragana