Romaji/Hiragana UST Converter for Mac

Someone did it FINALLY ;)

  1. na4a4a
    So someone has finally done it! A lazy but functional converter for Utau-synth users. :wink:
    This is only for CV ust files only.

    Creator - @SarCaustic
    Testing - @Cabbage

    Romaji to Hiragana ver 1.0:
    Hiragana to Romaji ver 1.1:

    1) Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere
    2) Rename the ust you wish to convert to "convert.ust"
    3) Search "~/" in spotlight search and place the "convert.ust" there. This is also your home folder.
    4) Run whichever script you want

    If the command file does not run then you may need to change the file permissions.
    But this is an easy fix!
    1) Go to the folder that you saved the command files
    2a)Go to Finder > Services > New Terminal at Folder
    2b)If you cannot find this option, click on Services Preferences and check it on the list
    2) Type:
    chmod a+x hira2roma4mac-1-1.command
    chmod a+x roma2hira4mac-1-0.command

    Now try running the scripts.

    Have fun!

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