UST Show Me Your Everything 1.0

"Show Me Your Everything" UST by Haichou (original by Omoi)

  1. Haichou
    Original Producer:
    Omoi (Sakurai, Kimura)
    Files in the .zip download (there are a lot of them):
    - main.ust
    - pt2.ust
    - miku.ust
    - miku harm.ust
    - high miku.ust
    - gumi.ust
    - gumi harm.ust
    - high gumi.ust
    - rin.ust
    - rin harm.ust
    - high rin.ust
    - ia.ust
    - ia harm.ust
    - high ia.ust
    - readme.txt

    The tuned USTs contain ending breaths and glottal stops, but the untuned USTs do not.
    "main" and "pt2" are guide USTs and should only be used if you want to cover this with one UTAU.

    Please check the readme for other information!
    Terms of Use:
    • Please credit Haichou (SoundCloud: @mizuiro16) for the USTs!
    • Editing the USTs is allowed, but permission is required to redistribute the original files or any edits to them. This includes conversions to another type of file, such as a VSQ, VSQx, or MIDI.
    • VCV
    • Contains unusual samples (i.e. ending breaths, glottal stops, CV English)
    • Hiragana