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  1. Kiyoteru
    Before you can begin, you'll need a piece of software to do all of your musical work in. Somewhere you can have multiple tracks of audio or sequenced MIDI notes, where you can apply effects and have everything musically in time. This is a Digital Audio Workstation.

    In the DAW, these are your tools to create and modify sound.
    VST instruments are plugins you can load up and sequence notes with.

    Here are some presets to use with the instruments, as well as sample packs for sample players that work in pretty much the same way.

    Audio effects! Also useful if you're just mixing covers!

    Sample packs: like an UTAU voicebank but for instruments. Usually for drum sounds!

    And some other stuff you may find useful, like websites hosting many different kinds of plugins you can also check out.

    How do you decide what notes to use? What sounds go together? How long should each part of the song be? That's what music theory is for, so dive in and find your inspiration.

    Sometimes it helps to have people show you the ropes

    Sometimes it helps to just get inspired!

    Lyrics, you can't have singing without em.

    Written guides for songwriting and mixing

    Lots of other resources to help you with music!
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  1. DannyDA
    This is very useful for me!! I'm such a noobie... Thanks for Kiyoteru giving me this link!!