UST Try Everything 1.0

"Try Everything" UST by MystSaphyr

  1. MystSaphyr
    Original Producer:
    Please be sure to check the README inside for usage notes!

    Polish UST in "Alternative Support" link by FyneQ!
    Terms of Use:
    • Credit the original producer of the song. Producers are listed in READMEs.
    • Credit MystSaphyr for the included USTs, VSQs and/or MIDIs.
    • If UST contains other credits (UST editors, lyricists, etc.) please add them as well.
    • Do not redistribute the original files or claim as your own.
    • Ask before redistributing ANY altered files, including but not limited to lyrics fixes, edited phonemes, retuning, or filetype conversions (e.g. UST -> VSQ)
    • CVVC English
    • Contains unusual samples (i.e. ending breaths, glottal stops, CV English)
    • Other (see description)