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OREMO Recording Package VCV English Reclist V3

About This Reclist​

– I made this reclist to be small, & easy to record
– It’s 541 samples & 4,077 oto lines


– This list is using a modified version of X-SAMPA. Here is the list of the modifications

Changed Consonants​

tS is now ch
dZ is how j
T is now th
D is now dh
S is now sh
Z is now zh
N is now ng
j is now y

Changed Vowels​

A is now a
E is now e

Otoing + Recording Lines​

– Otoing this is like otoing a VCV & a CVVC bank

The line C@-Cu_C@-C@__CVC The double underscore means that you have to pause one beat. The V sample doesn’t have a -CV, so that is the -CV.
A one underscore means nothing. The otoing has CVVC and VCV oto lines, it’s to make CCV, CC, C_C, Extras more easy to use.

A sample recorded by this reclist

If you decide to record a voicebank with this reclist, I’d love to hear it (:

Please don't redistribute, or claim as your own. If there are any errors please let me know
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Errors & useless C_C's

    Fixed Errors (fixed duplicate in, "amd__amf__amfs__amf") deleted useless C_C's (dd_C, r_C, w_C, y_C)