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Single Reclist VOCALOID Sampa CVVC English Reclist! (WIP) 2.1

I made a reclist out of the phonemes used for English Vocaloids/Engloids.
This is still a work in progress, but if you want to try it out, go ahead! Can't promise any absolute results though.

I used kávézó's reclist generator to make this.
I don't know any proper recording techniques for this reclist yet and I just made it.
It's still WIP. If you have any additions or fixes to the reclist, let me know!

The download to the .txt is to the right. Remember though, it's still very work in progress and I can't promise anything.


The reclist includes the following phonemes:

@, V, e, I, i:, {, O:, Q, U, u:, @r, eI, aI, OI
w, j, b, bh, d, dh, g, gh, dZ, v, D, z, Z, m, n, N, r, I, l, p, ph, t, th, k, kh, tS, f, T, s, S, h

All phonemes are separated by underscores to ease reading.

A pronounciation guide can be found on this chart.

If you have any further questions, go ahead and click on that "Discuss This Resource" button or send me a message, but if you want a quicker reply, go ahead and hit me up on my email:

Current dev version: 2.1

Edit history:
1.1 - Fixed problem with consonants being separated from vowels.
2.1 - Added all missing phonemes.
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    Added all missing phonemes.
  2. Ver 1.1

    Fixed a problem where consonants were separated from vowels.