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  1. Tree Sounds

    Open CHECK OUT MY UPDATED COMMISSIONS!!!! (important) *If you can provide proof that you're from UTAFORUM(ONLY) you'll get a %10 discount! It's very important and I'm sorry for advertising so much, but I need to start getting more commissions so I can make more money (Obviously...
  2. Tree Sounds

    Tree's UTAU 15! (10 slots left!)

    Like an utau 30 but I don't have time for that (I"ll be going out of state XD lol) OKAY SO HERE'S THE THING: Bust/headshots only lol I don't have time for fullbodies UNLESS I FEEL LIKE IT LOL!!! (The majority will be bust/headshots.) SLOTS: Completed
  3. Tree Sounds

    Why does utaforum log me out automatically after 2 minutes?

    THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL! I have it set to keep me logged in but it keeps logging me out automatically and it's really annoying.
  4. Tree Sounds


    Hello! Right now is prime time for submitting an utau to preform live at Konsplosion! (It's a comicon in Ft. Smith Arkansas (for more information: ) ) Please fill out this form...
  5. Tree Sounds

    Open Offering Fancy Typography for HOLOGRAM READY video!

    HEYYOOOOO So, for the past month or so I've been working on an MMD LIVE Hatsune Miku/others concert (private of course because copyright) and I need some fancy typography that aligns with the music like in these 3 things (one is not typography) 1 Remote Control 2 Ai Dee (optional) 3 Weekender...