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  1. Dazen

    Fixed other problem, but...

    I did, and it said "activation successful," but it still had the error, so I tried it again. Same result
  2. Dazen

    Fixed other problem, but...

    Ahh! Thank you! But unfortunately, I'm still receiving this error:
  3. Dazen

    Fixed other problem, but...

    Now VOCALOID2 says I need to activate voicebanks! However, I've activated all components. I'm rather confused Do I have a seperate code for the editor itself?
  4. Dazen

    Why won't VOCALOID2 open?

    Hey, so I had to re-install my physical copies of VOCALOID2 and SF-A2 Miki. Which I thought was successful, but I get an error code upon trying to open it, telling me 「合成エンジンを開けません!」, or "Synthesis engine cannot open!" What do I do? I did everything on the official Japanese CFM page(link here)...
  5. Dazen

    Where can I find a UST for Bunker Buster?(Masa Works Design)

    Hey, so I want t0 cover Bunker Buster with Defoko and Fennore-SAMA, but I can't find the ust. The fanmade off vocal and the original are absolute bliss to my ears, so I wish I could make a good cover. ...I don't have any money on a card, so I can't give money for a commission. rip.
  6. Ebbiki Aishuu

    Ebbiki Aishuu

    A nature-lover and a greenthumb, yet will drop everything to tend to her friends--especially of the animal kind!
  7. Dazen

    Voicebank Ebbiki Aishuu

    Dazen submitted a new Showcase Item: Ebbiki Aishuu Read more about this showcase item here...
  8. Ibi Aku

    Ibi Aku

    Ibi Aku is a boy who doesn't feel empathy, emotes heavily, has panic attacks, and has a tendency to become obsessed and stalk people. He often tries to do magic, but fails as he has no clue where to start. He likes to pretend that he's the grim reaper, but gets upset when his power trip is...
  9. Dazen

    Voicebank Ibi Aku

    Dazen submitted a new Showcase Item: Ibi Aku Read more about this showcase item here...
  10. Dazen

    A list of UTAUs that need proper .OTOs

    Edit 2: Ibi, Ebbiki, and Rita have been done by Trinkhk, but I appreciate everything
  11. Dazen

    A list of UTAUs that need proper .OTOs

    They're CV, and I'd do a cover of a song in return as long as I can find a UST THHANK YOU SO MUCH! Also, you posted the Clyp twice, but I'm so hhahaahppy
  12. Dazen

    A list of UTAUs that need proper .OTOs

    Ones that I really want done: Ebbiki Aishuu, 1.0 December 31, 2016: Already includes poorly made .OTO Ibi Aku, 1.0 July 5, 2018: 1 WAV file, necessary recordings in...
  13. Fennore-sama


    Although Fennore is a demon, she finds it very hard to lie, cheat, steal, or drag others into sin. She'd rather fall prey to her own sins, as to not harm anyone. She also is known to sneak killers whom acted on impulse and other people who sinned in a way that they either couldn't control, or...
  14. Dazen

    Voicebank Fennore-sama

    Dazen submitted a new Showcase Item: Fennore-sama Read more about this showcase item here...
  15. Dazen

    Help with making .oto

    Thank you
  16. Dazen

    Help with making .oto

    Hey, I made this voicbank and unfortunately, I can't make the .oto. I don't know how, but, at the same time, I tried and messed it up further. Can someone give me advice or make it? Whatever you would prefer :) VB:
  17. Dazen

    V4 Plugins?

    mm yeah sorry guys. I'll delete the thread and just try to do stuff manually. *Actually, I can't find a way to so I'll just say I am sorry for acting this way I'll just not do stuff like this in the future and import USTs manually Because in all honesty I didn't think about that And yes, I...
  18. Dazen

    V4 Plugins?

  19. Dazen

    V4 Plugins?

    Hey guys. I got Vocaloid 4 up and running, and yes, you CAN import V2 Voicebanks into V4, it's called re-downloading onto V4. Anyway, I'm looking for V4 Plugins. Examples: Import UST Export Midi(So I can do something with V1) Other Plugins would be great, as I have none atm
  20. Dazen

    Vocaloid 4 VSQx --> VSQ converter?

    Eheh.... The folder you gave didn't have those files. It was the base Plugin folder. WAIT NVM FOUND THE FILES