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  1. methynecros

    Do we need CC?

    Hello! I have recently noticed a tendency to create reclists without using transitions between consonants (I mean languages in which they are present). For example, not so long ago, the CVC format began to gain popularity, it doesn't contain CCs. Here are some examples of these voicebanks...
  2. methynecros

    Some samples from hight pitch sound horrific!! (″ロ゛)

    I've recorded a multipitch bank with a high note (G4) for the first time and found the problem: some notes from the hight pitch sound terrible metallic in the program. Usually this problem is solved by changing a resampler or deleting the desk.mrq file, but this time it gets worse. When I...
  3. methynecros

    Resamplers behave strangely (╥﹏╥)

    So, I have a trouble with rendering. When I use any resamplers exept resampler.dll, some (not all!) notes are not playing. Just silence. Or breathy noises. To solve this problem I've tried to change ust/voicebank/resampler regenerate .frk, .pmk files clear all note properties reinstall UTAU I...