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  1. ghiaccio hours

    so mf tired

    so mf tired
  2. Nobu Hisakawa

    Nobu Hisakawa

    Name: Nobu Hisakawa Height: 160cm without his shoes on, 164cm with his shoes on Age: 18 Nobu is very shy. He rarely interacts with anyone and doesn't express his feelings. He actively tries to push away anyone trying to be his friend. His face is always very unexpressive. He likes hiding in the...
  3. ghiaccio hours

    Voicebank Nobu Hisakawa

    ghiaccio hours submitted a new Showcase Item: Nobu Hisakawa Read more about this showcase item here...
  4. ghiaccio hours

    Hey hey!

    I'm ghiaccio hours. I've been using UTAU for a few years, but just now started using Utaforum. I've made two voice banks. If you need help with UTAU, I may be able to help.
  5. ghiaccio hours

    Open ->MANY<- UTAU's needed, Medley. VCV ONLY!

    May I have 84: Shadow Stepping Etranger ? Voice bank DL: UTAU Wiki: Recommended flags + parameters: Y0H0B0g2e with moresampler.exe. I highly suggest consonant velocity higher than 150.
  6. ghiaccio hours