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  1. Naito

    Accepting Art Requests

    Not yet. ^^ I'll post again when I start so you all can join. I'll post it in the UF Chat and the Skype UTAU chat too.
  2. Naito

    Accepting Art Requests

    Thank you all! Today I will be drawing and streaming it. I added a link to my stream page in the original post. There is usually music, so please be advised.
  3. Naito

    Accepting Art Requests

    Sure thing! I have plenty of crap I've made that I don't know how to tune for the life of me so that could work out, haha
  4. Naito

    Accepting Art Requests

    Yes. I'll get right on these~
  5. Naito

    Accepting Art Requests

    Cute! I can draw her. ^ ^
  6. Naito

    Accepting Art Requests

    I do mostly like... almost character sheet type stuff? Just full body pictures or portraits and things. Basically I'd like to get into the habit of drawing a little something every day. I don't mind providing art for PVs or anything, but I'd like to say now that I don't do very good scenery...
  7. Naito

    Freebie Art (Please read first post)

    Hi there, sorry for late replies guys. Holiday season and work has been a little heavy! If you'd like to see some of my work, my dA is
  8. Naito

    The Showcase; issues?

    I managed to fix mine. It was because in the weight/height fields I was using feet/inches/points so I had typed it like 5'5" and 100lbs and apparently you can only use numbers, so I converted to CM and KG and used those numbers.
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  10. Naito

    Voicebank Eiri

    Naito submitted a new Showcase Item: Eiri Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Voicebank Reim

    Naito submitted a new Showcase Item: Reim Read more about this showcase item here...
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  13. Naito

    The Showcase; issues?

    I filled out everything appropriately I think, and made sure all the required fields are filled out. But when I hit "Create", I get an error of "Please enter a value that matches the required format."
  14. Naito

    PV Help/Question

    I apologize that this isn't directly UTAU related, but it's PV related, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I've only seen one other person do the effect other than the original video (The video in question is "The Path to Happiness, I Found It") At about 2:11 it starts doing the 'game'...
  15. Naito


    Just wanted to see if anyone played! I'm on Ship7, if you wanna join me! It's a really fun game, but only out in JP right now. It's free to play, and easy to download. There are (unofficial) english patches out too that translate like..90% of the game. The only thing not translated are the...
  16. Naito

    【UTAUxMMD1080p】 「Weekender "Boy"」 【EIRI】 Cover of Weekender Girl (with slight lyric change for giggles) with a fancy MMD-Project Diva-styled video! [spoiler] [/spoilers]
  17. Naito

    Returning thingy.

    Hihi, Nicola! It's good to be back. :D
  18. Naito

    【UTAUカバー】 「戯言スピーカー / Joking Speaker」 【エイリ // EIRI】

    VB link :D Annnnd MP3: (Cause Soundcloud is bein' a butt)
  19. Naito

    Returning thingy.

    Thank you! It's nice to meet you, too! Looking forward to hanging out with you guys. :3
  20. Naito

    Returning thingy.

    Herro. It's been ages. I post every now and again (read: once in a blue moon) in the covers section, but for the most part, I've been kind of recluse from the Utau fandom. But I'm slowly coming back into it, and since there are a sea of new faces, I thought I'd post a re-introductory sort of...