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  1. vlbonnie

    Pumpkin Head + Vane- 8AM [UTAU Cover+UST]

    oh yeah woo yeah
  2. vlbonnie

    Kuroku Shikirine Automata password?

    I'm not sure if the .zip file is just corrupted or if it needs a password. If it does require a password, I can't find any hints.
  3. vlbonnie

    Is there currently a way to block other users?

    Title says it all
  4. vlbonnie

    Critique Requested Aijou Rettousei but in English because,,, yannow

    Hopefully I don't hate this in 2 weeks
  5. vlbonnie

    im not sure if this counts as a game but make a petpet of ur utau[s] haha squishy
  6. vlbonnie

    iyowa- Golden Number (Eng Cover)

    I heard Haruko San's cover and now I'm an iyowa stan send help
  7. vlbonnie

    Changing encoding method for LipSync exports?

    I'm trying to make a LipSync thing and the program The problem is it only exports enormous .avi files. Does anyone know how to do...whatever the pprogram is telling me to do so I don't end up with files like this? It says there is a way to export MP4s by changing a path...
  8. vlbonnie

    Has anyone actually tried the Carnegie Mellon Arpasing reclist???

    I'm just curious because looking at it it seems like it would be a bit of a wild ride
  9. vlbonnie

    UTAU is loading folders and OTOs that aren't there

    This is essentially the same thing that happened in the Trei thread, but with a different UTAU. Never got help on that issue, either, so let's see what happens with this one. I have a voicebank that looks like this in the folder. However, when I open it up in UTAU trying to reload it, it...
  10. vlbonnie

    Overflow errors with Trei Wildfire/Ash

    I'm trying to use Trei Wildfire/Ash, but the folders are dummy thicc and the clap of the oto entries keeps alerting the program she has a LOT of oto entries. Since I'm not using the VCV recordings for this cover, only the CV-C, I tried just moving the VCV folders out of the way so UTAU wouldn't...
  11. vlbonnie

    Avenged Sevenfold- Sidewinder

    This was a mistake
  12. vlbonnie


    vanbo37 submitted a new resource: J-LYN - An MMD model for the utau J-LYN. Read more about this resource...
  13. vlbonnie

    Cover + UST ノエル・デ・フィガロ

    I uploaded this like 3 seperate times on SoundCloud because I kept realising there were lyrical errors, eventually I went **** it and only put it on YouTube and I think there still might be an error because I'm stupid buttttt I'm done going back and editing stuff and at this point I'm tired of...
  14. vlbonnie

    does anyone know how efb-gw/its variants work

    from what google translate is telling me i need to gggenerate a batch file or something, but a) i have no idea how to do that b) every time i try to use the resampler it...well that but about 15 or so of them do i need to move it into the folder with the default resampler? does ebf-gw even...
  15. vlbonnie

    Voicebank J-lyn

    vanbo37 submitted a new Showcase Item: J-lyn Read more about this showcase item here...
  16. vlbonnie

    Critique Requested なりそこない/Underachiever Cover + VCV UST

    All I could find was animation memes so I think this is the first one. I'm special now! Ust by me, VB used is Matsudappoiyo Retake Against. The download link for the ust is in the video description
  17. vlbonnie

    WIP Critique Requested バツ猫/XxX Cat (Short) English Cover ft. Sonata

    An attempt was made. Original VCV .ust by Conslo, MS Paint ""art"" by moi
  18. vlbonnie


    I've installed plugins before, and this is the only one that's given me trouble so far. Anyone know what to do?
  19. vlbonnie

    Critique Requested Mindless Self Indulgence- Prescription cover

    This is my first time using Shei and probably the fastest I've ever made a .ust, though the repetitive nature of the song certainly helped lmao UST Please help. I on't know how to embed things right.