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    Thank you, Teto-chan! I'm glad you think so. I really did do more than what most people would do for their voicebanks and I'm glad to see people liking it so much.
  2. ZaneChihuahua

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    Oh! I didn't even know you could rate these. Well, thank you very much! I really do appreciate it.
  3. ZaneChihuahua


    UTAUloid/ANIMALoid/FURloid info: ZaneChihuahua is a 3-year-old (21 in dog years) male Chihuahua from Arizona, United States, and has a black coat. His official release date and birthday is December 25, 2021. I don't really consider Zane as a Furloid since he's not really a "Fursona" per se...