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  1. Lousy Lionn

    AutoCVVC error that's plagued me for years

    Howdy, was wondering how to fix this error? It only shows up with my cvvc bank, and when I run any other cvvc through it it works fine. It says to set the length of the consonant to 16 in the plugin, but that just makes the VCs very short and everything sounds horrible. If anyone knows how to...
  2. Lousy Lionn

    Open Art I'll make simple sketches for an utau design, based off of a vb sample!

    Howdy, I love designing characters as of late so gimme a sample of your current vb, maybe some design ideas, and I'll sketch something up! Feel free to edit or do whatever with the sketch as well, just credit me for the base design haha
  3. Lousy Lionn

    Parody VIPPERloid utau ideas/brainstorming?

    Howdy, these past 2 weeks or so I've been pondering the idea of an utau meant to parody the likes of VIPPERLOID and early 2010 utau. I wanted to start a thread to see if anyone had certain character/design elements they'd like to see, or that you feel channel VIPPERLOID aesthetics? This is still...
  4. Lousy Lionn

    Teto parody utau "合成音テテ" ideas?

    Please excuse me if this isn't the correct forum. I'm making a parody utau of Teto and would appreciate some ideas/suggestions for the design, character info, etc. Her working name is 合成音テテ (Goseine Tete). Her surname meaning "synthetic sound" comes from her samples being altered to resemble...
  5. Lousy Lionn

    Jinriki rendering issues

    Howdy, after spiraling into a blind rage I've now managed to render a bank from a voiceroid. However, the samples show up as static in utau. I'm assuming it's a sampling rate issue, but I'm not sure how to fix it