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  1. ZaneChihuahua

    【UTAU Cover】erase or zero ft. ZaneChihuahua and Apollo

    Hey, everyone. I'm back with another UTAU cover! This time, I'm using KAISKE's Apollo to sing a duet that I KNEW I had to do with him. Broship at its peak. It's my first time using a CVV voicebank and I had to figure out the format quite a bit. Luckily, that's exactly what I did. As you may have...
  2. ZaneChihuahua

    Critique Requested 【UTAU Cover】paint the world ft. ZaneChihuahua + UST + musicxml

    I recently did an UTAU tuning competition with this song and didn't win. Everybody was REALLY good. Despite this, I still think this turned out pretty well considering the fact that I've only been tuning for about two months. Not only that, but I've developed new techniques to make UST's from...
  3. ZaneChihuahua

    Resampler Patcher Not Rendering wav. Files

    I recently downloaded the "Resampler Patcher" by nmasao and I'm pretty sure I installed everything right. I went to the original link in his video to download the patcher, I added all of the samplers I used in the "resampler_setup" app, I went to C:/ProgramData/UTAU Plugin/resampler wrapper to...
  4. ZaneChihuahua

    Critique Requested The Disappearance of ZaneChihuahua UTAU CV Voicebank Release + UST「ゼインチワワの消失」

    IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! I put way too much time into this but I think this is all worth it. I now know what it feels like to wait for a baby to be born because I quite literally spent about 9 months of work trying to develop this thing and make everything sound the way I want it to sound for my...
  5. ZaneChihuahua

    Where can I distribute Voicebanks? I need help with some of them too.

    So, I released a voicebank and I want to start distributing it to as many places as I can. Preferably, places that contain a voicebank database that people frequently go to. For example, the UTAU Wiki and the UTA Forum Showcase. Do you happen to know any places like that? I'm aware of...
  6. ZaneChihuahua

    Voicebank ZaneChihuahua

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item ZaneChihuahua. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. ZaneChihuahua

    【UTAU Cover】「愛Dee」 Ai Dee ft. ZaneChihuahua & Lee Teion + UST + Voicebank BETA Release

    Thanks for checking this out! I had a lot of fun making this and I plan to improve upon the voicebank in the future. I know there are still tiny things I want to add and rerecord. However, I'm confident that I can release this Voicebank as it is. I'm also planning on making a website to properly...
  8. ZaneChihuahua

    Critique Requested 【ZaneChihuahua】-ERROR (Male Piano Version)【UTAUカバー】

    I've recently been making a vocal synthesizer using my voice! I just wanted to give you a glimpse of how well it's going and I figured the best way to do that is to make a cover with it. I'm still working on my UTAU and I still need to make a website for it too. But I'll try to release it...
  9. ZaneChihuahua

    Numbers Are Treated As A Space

    So, I ran into a problem. Whenever I enter a pair of letters and numbers into a note, "b1" for example, they are treated as two separate words and only the letters are entered. If I were to highlight two notes, the "b" would go into one note and the "1" would enter another. I must have...