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  1. Zarsla

    Beta-Testers for Orignal Game

    (Except for working on some commisioned projects for UTAU, I'm not doing anything instead) I'm working on a RPG Maker Game for IGMC 2015. I'm spefically using VX Ace. It's a exploratory puzzle game. I'm aiming for it to be no more than one hour of game play. The basic storyline is you play as...
  2. Zarsla

    Mic Question

    So basically I'm planning to get the samson go mic (click on the name to see more). Has anyone used this mic? And what are your recommendations/reviews for it? Thanks in advanced. :) ~Zarsla
  3. Zarsla

    Tutorial Japanese IME for everyone

    Zarsla submitted a new resource: Japanese IME for everyone - Tips and tricks of IME plus how to install it! Read more about this resource...
  4. Zarsla

    Change Username/Title

    Hi, I notice that at the store you can change your username or title for utafourm bucks. However it says it'll(the change of the username/title) last for 7 days. So does that mean that if you buy one of those it'll last for seven days and that's it or is it that it'll last for 7 days and then...
  5. Zarsla

    Tutorial Make the CVVC Auto Plugin Work

    Zarsla submitted a new resource: Make the CVVC Auto Plugin Work - Make the CVVC Auto Plugin Work Read more about this resource...
  6. Zarsla

    Bilingual Reclist

    Hi, I made a set of reclists. The most basic of these reclist gives the user the ability to have a English and Japanese CVVC voice bank, the more complex you go the more you have. So... There are 2 reclist plus an Extra's. They go like this: CVVC: Japanese & English CVVC regular/reg Japanese &...
  7. Zarsla


    So we all know about this thing called Pitching. It's basically where we edit the vocal samples to change the gender (eg a more girly sounding voice to a more boyish sounding voice or vice versa) some time during the process of when we make a bank to making it sing a song. So for the sake of a...
  8. Zarsla


    I just wanted to make a formal introduction. Since I sort of. Lurk on the boards here and on Vocaloid Otaku so yeah Hi. Right now I'm working on a bilingual Japanese/English Reclist. (well actually more than one). It's CVVC Japanese + English or VCV Japanese+English CVVC. Plus with the option...