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  1. gil

    Rendering a finished project?

    I had a song I thought was done, but when I rendered it as a .wav it sounded much choppier than it did inside the actual program. Does anybody know why this might happen?
  2. gil

    UTAU app setup

    Hi, thanks for your response. I really thought I had used the custom command when setting up, so I guess it must not have gone through if I'm still ending up with mojibake. I'll try remaking the wineskin wrapper and using the unarchiver and see how that affects things.
  3. gil

    UTAU app setup

    Hi, I've been trying to get the UTAU app to work since yesterday but I'm having a bit of trouble. I joined the forum in the hopes that some of you folks might be able to help me get started. Basic information: I'm running the UTAU app on my mac, OS is Catalina 10.15.4 Since it's a Windows...
  4. gil

    Utaforum intro thread

    Mama mia I want to do a thread asking for help running the app but I think I need to do an introductory post first The username is my name I'm lifelong fan of music and am trying to learn how to use this godforsaken app I play guitar, harp, and piano/synth (this is not to say Im good at any...