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  1. Ant

    [UTAU Original] Halloween Magic [Kikyuune Aiko]

    Hiya! Finished up this track and wanted to share it in time for Halloween. Let me know what you think. - Ant
  2. Ant

    Looking for mic recommendations

    Are you sure? I think the meteor quality is very clear. I think the only vintage thing about it could be the design. Always had good results but I guess it varies.
  3. Ant

    Looking for mic recommendations

    Dunno how much things have changed as far as mic choices go, since I haven't been really active in the utau community, but most people would recommend the Blue Snowball. However I have the Samson Meteor and I love it. Sleek design and awesome vocal quality, and it's $51 on amazon + free...
  4. Ant

    traditional art vs digital art

    I think digital art is so much more fun, and to me, easier. But I'm always super impressed by real life paintings. That takes so much more skill especially since you can't erase or undo.
  5. Ant

    Selecting Notes, Only One Moves

    there should be a box all the way in the bottom righthand corner of utau, it normally has an "M" in it. If it doesn't, click/double click and the M will pop up, and you can now move more than one note at a time.
  6. Ant

    UTAU Secret Santa 2013

    woop lets do this
  7. Ant

    Lonely UFO UST request

    There already is a UST for this song:
  8. Ant


    CV VC English bank released (I forgot to update this thread hehehe uwu;;) Demo: Fly Me to the Moon Download: Link
  9. Ant

    weird rendering...

    A friend suggested that earlier but it still didn't work. ;A; idunno why...
  10. Ant

    New Nico Banks

    Oh wow Lobelia sounds really gorgeous. Hiiro is really cool too, totally downloading him. I like this thread. This is a good thread. uwu/ I usually don't pay much attention to the japanese side so this is nice.
  11. Ant

    weird rendering...

    I have this problem where sometimes when I go to render out a finished UST, the result is choppy and too fast, and skips over some notes. This also happens when I play the entire UST in-editor all at once. However, when I play small sections of the UST, it sounds fine. Is there any way I can fix...
  12. Ant

    【Mar CV VC English】Fly me to the Moon【VB release】 n_n)/
  13. Ant

    UTAU not working properly on Windows 8

    I'd redownload your voicebanks. They'd still cause problems since you downloaded them before the locale switch.
  14. Ant

    How important is UTAUloids' personality?

    I usually discard personality altogether to be honest. It's easier for originals and stuff.
  15. Ant

    Battle of the UTAUloids

    Tsukishiro Hakupo: 48 (+1) Hakone Shima: 13 (-1) Love shima but there's no way he can win at this point.
  16. Ant

    Other Synthesizers

    Vora is actually free, kyhlin costs money for a license and you have to renew it every so often (I forget how long). There's also SugarCape. which is kinda terrible but hey it exists. And VocalWriter annnd the FL Studio vocoders. and LaLaVoice. Then there's ALT which is a private thing...
  17. Ant


    Welcome back saki ^_^
  18. Ant

    Lily Sale?

    I'm not sure. However, if it is based on how much product the have left, then you should be good since there's 16 in stock. Though I don't want to tell you you're safe for a while and then have the sale be over right off the bat. Maybe get someone to buy it for you and then hand off the money...
  19. Ant

    Word filter disappeared!

    I think I'm going to use "polkaloid" still, its funny. Not that it comes up in conversation too often anyway.
  20. Ant


    Hello. owo Your art style is really cool! And no need to be shy, especially around utaforum, I think mostly everyone here is really nice. ^^