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  1. Gekiyaku

    Critique Requested 【狐嗄】Kuroneko【UTAUカバー】WIP

    Hello! I tried tuning and mixing a cover while referencing Kyaami's cover. Please critique me so I may improve, thank you! I experimented with modulation and the A flag, mostly. Edit: Please ignore the thing at the end. It's Gumi's harmonies and I don't know how to remove them.
  2. Gekiyaku

    Does anyone know any utaus that sound similar to Yumeiro Theory?

    Just like the title, I'm currently finding utaus that are similar to Yumeiro Theory, voice-wise. I can't use him because his file size is so large. Can you help?
  3. Gekiyaku

    Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】Pyrokinesis (Gekiyaku)

    Hehe I made this at 3 am, and also I finally used my child Gekiyaku! You can critique if you want, I just feel proud about this cover.
  4. Gekiyaku

    Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】Lyrical Stabilizer (狐嗄/Kogare)

    Hello, so I forced myself to wait 2 weeks for critique so that I don't get classified as spam. Anyway here's the cover that I wanted to receive critique on, it's my latest one! I messed with a lot of Moresampler flags here. And here's another short cover (not even 1 minute) I made using Synth...
  5. Gekiyaku

    【UTAUカバー】うんこ / Shit (夢遊歌 and Rou Kuzuda)

    A tiny song. Very short, 5 cm. I didn't tune it, it's a test on mixing. I have a pretty voicebank in this song. May I have some critique on my mixing? I can't get rid of engine noise in mixing. Really thank you!
  6. Gekiyaku

    Mind if you critique me?

    Hi, Gekiyaku back here. Anyway after I got tips from my last post about critique I started to put them into action. I'm here to ask you for critique, from the mixing to the vb choice to the tuning, just critique it please haha. Anyway here's the acapella: And here's the one with mixing:
  7. Gekiyaku

    Downloaded Yumeiro Theory but the only thing playing are his endbreaths

    Hello! Yes another problem to deal with. (seriously this week is not my best week). Anyways my problem is that I downloaded Yumeiro Theory's newest voicebank, Galette, but when I try to play it in utau it can only play out his end breaths. I used both moresampler and the default resampler on...
  8. Gekiyaku

    Can't find UTAU voicebank in voice directory

    So I downloaded gahata meiji through a website called El Rincon Del Kitsune NEO and I moved her vb folders to the voice directory folder in utau. When I try to set her up in utau I just can't find her name when I go to project configurations and go try to select a voicebank to use.
  9. Gekiyaku

    Can anyone give me a song to cover?

    Hello, as stated in the title I really want to cover a song but I just can't find one. I want to at least start a cover before school starts again ^^. ( keep in mind the song should already have a UST made because I can't midi for toffee). Sorry if I'm asking for too much :cry:
  10. Gekiyaku

    Critique requested for utau cover!

    Okay, I started Utau a couple of months ago and I feel slightly confident in my tuning skill. Please critique my work so that I may improve! Here's the cover I'm working on - Song: KING by Kanaria Utau: Jyougasaki Bibi Ust used by Pifuyuu
  11. Gekiyaku

    Critique Requested Critique on Synth V Renri output

    I know that this forum is for Utau and this was made in Synthesizer V but I figured they're similar enough so ...... Hello ! I am requesting critique for this output I made in Synth V using Renri. It's my first time making anything half decent in there ^^ My ultimate goal for anything I make in...
  12. Gekiyaku

    help finding 「 垂直落下 / Vertical Fall 」UST

    Hi , I've been wanting to make a cover of this song for about a month now but I still can't find a ust for it. If you found a ust please link the video itself and not the direct download. Any help is appreciated, thanks !
  13. Gekiyaku

    Copying utau wav files to audacity

    Hello ! So my problem is exactly what the title of this thread says. One morning I tried to move a wav file from acme iku's voicebank ( her cv voicebank ) to audacity and what happens is that audacity does not want to accept any of her wav files. My cursor...
  14. Gekiyaku

    Hello, I'm pretty new

    Hello, I go by gekiyaku and I am pretty new to utau (started 2 months ago). I joined Utaforum so that I can help others with their utau problems and receive critique for my utau projects so that I can improve.:creepy: So what am I supposed to know about Utaforum since I am new here ?