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  1. AlsonotPrism

    oh my gawd

    im finnaly making utau vb after so many long time 1640717462 eeee e e e e e eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeee w w ee d sskdbf ff bfjhd gjgdfhsdfsfhffhiuht4ehgp5jrike~t5roeçlsr jdehjs hnrensbn s\jb Bbfhb
  2. AlsonotPrism

    I need help with recording the vowels on a VCV Voicebank

    Hey guys! So i was checking some samples of some VCV voicebanks i have for some idea on how to make a good vb; and i saw the the vowels has to be recorded alltogether, but i recorded them all separated. I would love if someone can help me with this. edit: am i even posting this in the right place
  3. AlsonotPrism

    I want your opinion on the best samsung ringtone!

    I prefer the "over the horizon" ringtone, it brings me nostalgia up to this day from when my dad had a Gran Prime.
  4. AlsonotPrism

    reply with this thread with a type of tuning that makes the voice distorted

    this is mine
  5. AlsonotPrism

    Kikyuune Aiko ACT3 CV JPN + EN's reclist

    Does anyone have Kikyuune Aiko's ACT3 CV JP + EN reclist? I really want *to make* a cv voicebank that has some english CV characters!!
  6. AlsonotPrism

    Teto's growl voicebank not working

    So i downloaded kasane teto's growl (rikimi) voicebank but she doesn't growl? any teto voicebank works but not the rikimi one. Help appreciated!