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  1. rilakora

    Growing pains (original song)

  2. rilakora

    Open let me do a full body drawing of your UTAU!!!

    examples of my art: Keep in mind, I may not draw yours immediately. & I may only accept a limited amount. If I draw yours, I'll respond to your comment with a link to the drawing. ty!
  3. rilakora

    Ai Ikeda 2021 - Ikanaide cover

  4. rilakora

    Arpasing VB test cover -ERROR

    thoughts pls ; u ;
  5. rilakora

    ARPAsing UST WIP 2

    ; u ;
  6. rilakora

    Thats what you get ARPAsing UST WIP *rough*

    needs a lot more work, but here's a WIP. ; u ;
  7. rilakora

    "Faun and Flesh" UTAU Original

    UTAU original by me, it's my first one ; u ; UTAUs used: ZUNI (by me) & Hakaine Maiko
  8. rilakora

    UTAU VB Test feeedback?

    Please help me ; u ;