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  1. rainydaze

    Voicebank sounds out of tune

    This only happens in OpenUtau btw. It sounds fine on UTAU but I can't just use UTAU because I keep getting multiple un-fixable errors. What could be the issue?
  2. rainydaze

    my utauloid sings donut hole

  3. rainydaze


    I finally made a youtube channel :) UST
  4. rainydaze

    Are there any official merch of utauloids? (other than the teto nendoroid)

    I tried searching for some but I could only find the teto nendoroid. I feel like a lot of utauloids would make great figurines:love:
  5. rainydaze

    resamplers not working on openutau

    I tried using doppeltler64 and 32 but they both make the note "o か" cut off for some reason (and it's only a single note from the whole song??) f2resamp gives an error message for saying it failed to resample the note "o か" TIPS and moresampler won't make it play at all would give me these...
  6. rainydaze

    doppeltler makes a note cut off

    UPDATE: it worked for the main vocals after I updated OpenUtau. It still would cut off for the harmonies for some reason though. So I replaced the note "o か" with "- か" and it sounded okay. This is in OpenUtau btw. I've noticed that doppeltler32 and 64 makes one of the notes in the UST cut...
  7. rainydaze

    How to use resamplers on OpenUtau?

    In this page it says But I can't see the settings cog anywhere on the track header? This is what I'm assuming it's supposed to be like (picture from github, appears to be an outdated version) This is what it looks like for me. As you can see, there's no gear icon which I'm assuming is...
  8. rainydaze

    (FIXED)oremo won't save re-recorded sample!

    I deleted the wav file of the sample I wanted to re-record, and re-recorded it in oremo but it won't make a wav file of the recording. I thought oremo saved automatically? It just won't save the re-recording. Would there be a way to save manually then? EDIT: nvm i think i got it
  9. rainydaze

    Help, how do you oto a VCV voicebank?

    I tried looking up ways to do it and checking out the oto'ing vcv voicebanks made by others I downloaded but it still sounds off. I opened up a UST and played a section that contained only oto'ed samples and some of the notes' timing is off and some overlap each other and just sound unnatural...
  10. rainydaze

    me asking for help in here be like (meme thing)

    big respect to all the utau veterans and pros here :orly:
  11. rainydaze

    I was oto-ing and... (meme thing)

    do you see it
  12. rainydaze

    What are some examples of "commercial use" of utauloids?

    I need to put the terms of use for my utauloid but I'm not sure what "commercial use" is. Could someone give me an example please?
  13. rainydaze

    [Defoko/Utane Uta] VOCALOID UTOPIA (UST DL)

    this is a remake of my first UTAU cover! I made the UST myself since I couldn't find any of this song :-) UST:
  14. rainydaze

    Can someone test out if this UST works? it's a UST I made on OpenUtau since I keep having difficulties with UTAU. I can't open this one on UTAU. This only happens with USTs I made btw. USTs made by others work fine. I just wanted to see if it works for...
  15. rainydaze

    I keep having issues with my install :-(

    I set the locale to Japan, checked the decimal separator (it was a period), set the location to the "Documents" file instead of Program Files (x86) but I keep having issues with importing MIDIs to make USTs and rendering WAV files. This is definitely an installation problem. A user on this...
  16. rainydaze

    Can't import MIDI file in to make UST, HELP!!

    I didn't have this problem before. I tried with 2 different midi files and both of them won't open in utau. When I try to import a midi file a pop-up that says "unexpected error: bad file name or number" in japanese appears. I tried converting the midi file to a ust file on a website but it says...
  17. rainydaze

    Issue with frequency maps in some samples

    I found this issue while making my jinriki utau. For some samples, a frequency doesn't get generated at all and the samples won't play (Pressing initialize freq map in vb settings didn't fix this). To make the sample play, I have to mess around with the frq editor plugin and make the frequency...
  18. rainydaze

    (FIXED) Help!! Frequency map is blank. How can I fix this?

    One of the notes of a (jinriki) voicebank I made is not playing. I checked the frequency map and it's completely blank. I tried pressing initialize freq map but it still won't play and the freq map is completely blank :-( I also tried pressing the buttons below but it did nothing literally...
  19. rainydaze

    (FIXED) My (jinriki) utau doesn't sing some notes, PLEASE HELP (STILL NOT WORKING☹)

    It's makies a "thump" sound instead of singing for a few notes. I'm trying to make it sing rolling girl but in the part that goes "todo kanai yume mite" it doesn't sing "to","do" and "mi" so it's "(thump) (thump) kanai yume (thump) te". Here's a screenshot of the screen. It looks normal to me...
  20. rainydaze

    Can't open MIDI file to make UST

    I didn't have this problem before. When I try to import the midi file I made of the melody it says something about invalid number or something in japanese.