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  1. TrikiNya

    UTAU Overflow Error

    I tried to load a midi file into UTAU, but when I try to play it, this comes up. What's going on?
  2. TrikiNya

    English/Japanese Voicebank and custom sounds

    I was wondering if I could make an English/Japanese voicebank that has English and Japanese audio data in the same folder. I was also wondering if I could put custom sounds like whistling, breaths, etc. Will that mess up the voicebank?
  3. TrikiNya


    I'm Aspergic so don't get mad when I don't know what things mean ok? ok ^w^
  4. TrikiNya

    Voicebank Amalgatoo

    TrikiNya submitted a new Showcase Item: Meet Amalgatoo Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. TrikiNya


    I changed the locale for UTAU, but the only character I can input is "あ", which is exactly how I feel right now! Please tell me: how do I fix this? :cry:
  6. TrikiNya


    see Support & Feedback