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    My UTAU won't sing [jinriki character port!]

    I am making a Robo-KY voicebank for my non utau loving friend who's been obsessing over a robo-ky ego rock cover. I tried everything, I tried oto'ing it and making sure everything's in place but all it plays is silence with a small little thump. [like hitting a microphone] I tried the same...
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    Does anyone have maybeee like a file of KonoFader or something?

    I barely noticed that Konofader's links lead to a Non-existing niconico channel! Does anyone know where I can download it? Like a mirrored link or something?
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    【UTAUカバー】 鉄の処女と夢見がちなお姫さま/Iron Maiden and The Dreamy Princess 【パペデク Ft.クグツシ】

    finally something to fit my mixing style! but I was very lazy to correctly fit the lyrics with the song in the first part and you can hear it. My laziness apologizes. But I used Papedeku for this! plus Kugutsushi. PS for anyone who wants to use the UST from zoe. The "yaaaaaa" vocal at the...
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    Adding an icon to a utau/adding japanese name.

    I tried everything other forums explained but it still wont show up. help? I have a new problem unfortunately that involves making a utau. Everytime i attempt put her name in Japanese or her README file in Japanese, it comes out as gibberish. Can someone help me? every other utau I have that...
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    Help with mxing on Mixpad.

    Any tips on mixing the vocals well on mixpad? I use too much echo and it sucks because it doesn't sound nice and smooth. I can only do really good back vocals when it needs echoes or distorted lyrics etc.
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    Inspired to do my own UTAU colors.

    Thanks so much for inspiring me [you know who you are] Feel free to use them. Also if you want certain theme just shoot me a comment! COLOR_PIANO1=&HF4F1D4 COLOR_PIANO2=&H5E4405 COLOR_ROLL1=&HE0D4B1 COLOR_ROLL2=&HEFECDA COLOR_SEPA1=&H733B00 COLOR_SEPA2=&HB49A18 COLOR_BACK=&HBAA070...
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    Designs for my utaus!

    I've been working on them for a while and this is what I got so far. Bottom one is based off of my friend, so he's gonna be his voice provider. Still debating on their names.
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    Explain to me how to install plugins.

    I wanna make sure I'm doing it right because I tried so many tutorials.
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    UTAUカバー】あとのまつり【欲音ルコ ♂KIRE】+ UST

    I'm sorry you have to put up with my horrible tuning I will try again today I PROMISE. But like FL studio sucks on my computer so I'm using mixpad aaaaa i need someone to teach me how to use ittt. someone help. the ust is in the description plus the owner's name if you guys want it. ^^ It's my...
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    Pitcheditor won't open when I press on it and the voicebank I'm using wont sing hiragana notes. help?

    I figured out the plugins issue but now when I try to click on pitch editor it opens a little window to attempt to load the plugin but it immediately closes it and does not open the pitcheditor. I also figured out how to load voicebanks but my utau only sings the katakana notes and not the...
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    New to utau! still don't know why my voicebanks are not loading or plugins.

    Hey I'm new to utau, I've been watching tutorials on how to add plugins in and voicebanks but they don't show up for. I followed exactly how the tutorial say but unfortunately Naruto ,Furara or Ruko won't load into the system even when I press the reload voicebank button. I did everything step...