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  1. VaNexuS

    Dedicated Voice Providers Still Needed!! pt. 2

    NOTE; This is a Copy and paste from the previous thread -- this is still all relevant; Hello! I'm in search of some voice providers for some new UTAU. I generally need more male voices than female, but I'm willing to accept most vocal types -- as long as they fit the characters to an extent...
  2. VaNexuS

    Soiled Solace - Rei Allen Yurene MIST

    Another song for Rei's MIST--, though I had originally had his CORE sing it, h a.. I didn't think I'd actually make him another one, but welp, here it is--.. Any comments or feedback is appreciated~, Thank you.
  3. VaNexuS

    Trade Advertisement for a Friend

    My friend is looking to exchange UTAU banks. She is seeking a bank for trade and to manage, not to make covers with in exchange--... Go here if you're interested;
  4. VaNexuS

    Inactive Offering Art Some Requests, Maybe?

    So I feel like doing some requests-- Since I never know what or who to draw... I'm not too good, so don't expect too much from me--. I'm just doing this for practice and to improve my art and style and confidence within my art--... So, if you'd like- please link a character OF YOURS; No...
  5. VaNexuS

    Inactive PayPal Points Art Kyou's Commissions [Advertisement for a Friend]

    My friend Kyou is taking commissions! They accept dA points and payments through Paypal. More information and their pricing here; If you do not have a dA and are interested in a commission from them, here are some of their...
  6. VaNexuS

    Mourning Shower - Rei Allen Yurene

    Finally got a video made and uploaded for this song! UST is in the desc if anyone would like it. Any Comments or Feedback is appreciated..!
  7. VaNexuS

    Dedicated Voice Providers Still Needed!!

    Just making a new thread for reformatting some clearer information.. llOTL ; Hello! I'm in search of some voice providers for some new UTAU. I generally need more male voices than female, but I'm willing to accept most vocal types -- as long as they fit the characters to an extent!! I'm looking...
  8. VaNexuS

    Rei Allen Yurene Rainbow

    VaNexuS submitted a new resource: Rei Allen Yurene Rainbow - Rei's Rainbow Bank Read more about this resource...
  9. VaNexuS

    Searching for Some Dedicated Voice Providers

    Just copying text from a dA journal of mine, still searching; I'm looking for a voicer(Or Voicers, if interested) for new UTAU I can manage, I have ideas for a few, but I'd like to find the right voice for them before beginning their design/character development. I'm looking for someone who is...
  10. VaNexuS

    Voicebank Rei Allen Yurene

    StellarNexus submitted a new Showcase Item: Rei Allen Yurene Read more about this showcase item here...
  11. VaNexuS

    Headshot Requests? For Practice-

    I wanna get better at drawing and coloring, and just art in general, so I'll be taking some headshot requests. ; w ; Maybe later I'll try to do chibi's again. llOTL I'll just be doing mostly lineart for now-- and then when I get some done, I'll start trying to color them.. < w > I hope this all...
  12. VaNexuS

    A Loved One for Puddi?

    Nm.. So, I want an UTAU that, of course, has a voice that'd blend with Pudding's-- and, hopefully, someone that would be willing to rp with me(mostly in script, sorry), sometimes. ; w ; I'm mainly looking for someone who's willing to rp and an UTAU to use for love-type duets, mostly. I'm not...
  13. VaNexuS

    Male Voice Donor Wanted

    I need a voicer for a new UTAU I have in mind. He has a design already, and I have a voice type in mind. Here's his appearance: His name is Aruhime. Voice type: He should have about a mid-high ranged voice, not too deep, but also not too high. His (core) voice should be strong or...
  14. VaNexuS

    Rei needs a new duet partner/"lover"

    I'm still having trouble making Rei sing duets.. Mainly because he never has anyone to sing them with... llOTL I'd also like to find him a new boyfriend/girlfriend/husbando/waifuu. Friends are ok, but I think that's all he has... e w e;; *He is pretty much friendzoned* I'd like someone who is...
  15. VaNexuS

    UTAULife RP chat (on dA) //places chat here. Feel free to pop in and chat/rp~ Sometimes there are RP's and other times it's just conversation.. But if more people come, there might be more RP'ing. XD Things can get a bit random. < u > Things to know: Rp's here are usually in...
  16. VaNexuS

    Partners for Rei and Koa?

    I'm looking for pairings(boy/girl friend and duet partner) for Rei and Koa, but mostly Rei. I want someone that'd be willing to RP a bit... Descriptions; Rei: Koa: All I'm looking for is someone that doesn't mind me using their UTAU and RP'ing a bit(but voices have to mix somewhat well...