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    Convert VSQx/VSQ/UST to MusicXML?

    Lately I've been trying to figuring out how to use NEUTRINO, and musicXML always fked me up! It's tiring to convert VSQx/ust to that kind of file using Candecii and every plugin that I've found only convert vsq to XML *cry* So, is there any efficient way to do this? Or convert XML to MusicXML is...
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    Momone Momo's voice material links are all dead...

    For example: If you still can access to this link, please tell me. I'm making a cover with Momone Momo and I needs those breath samples as heck... But If you still keep this, could you please share it to me? ;;A;; Thank you ... (...
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    My friend, And Duy is joining in "Magical Mirai Song Contest", Please support him :3 This is the link :3 If you like it, please press like using your Facebook account :3
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    My Question About Condenser Mic.

    I consider buying a condenser mic but I actually don't know what to buy with it. I have to buy a Mic+ Phantom Power + Adio Interface (Soundcard) or just Mic+ Phantom Power ?
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    I Don't Know How To Uninstall Voicebank ( Like Kasane Teto)

    Lately, I installed Kasane Teto English by drag-and-drop into UTAU Windows , but some errors occurred and now I want to uninstall it, but I don't know how... Please help me :3 Thank you so so much :3
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    Voicebank Sayaka Chino

    ***Macne's*** submitted a new Showcase Item: Sayaka Chino Read more about this showcase item here...
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    How do you think about Piapro Studio?

    I've heard a lot of complain about Piapro Studio... But i think it's not that bad... So... How do you think about it?
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    Hi! I'm new here! And I Love Macne Series <3

    Hello everyone! I love UTAU and Vocaloid. I love Macne Nana and Makune Hachi. I'm very happy to meet everyone ^^ Also, I love drawing and Gomoku Akatsuki's style. So if you have an Utau with Gomoku style, please share it with me!