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  1. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    anyone willing to oto a monopitch vcv bank?

    ive had this one bank sitting around since like may n ive been rlly wanting to finish her but i havent rlly had the motivation to finish her oto, she has an auto generated oremo oto (i could not get moresampler to generate an oto) but she wasnt recorded with a guide bpm. im not sure if anyones...
  2. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    cant render with more than 1 batch file

    i moved utau out of program files folder since utaucolors wasnt working but now i cant render using multiple processes, i get a "cant generate wav file"
  3. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    chinese encoded voicebank conversion?

    i have this one utau but shes like encoded in chinese n idk what to do so could anyone like tell me how to convert it bc shes like unusable rn lmao
  4. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    obscure/ forgotten older utaus recommendations ?

    ive been looking for old/ forgotten utaus lately n ive been hoping that maybe i could get some recommendations here (?) just aslong as they still have a working download link lol
  5. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    Voicebank Irina

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Irina. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    let me use yalls utaus (for a medley) (temporary closed need to update)

    I HOPE THIS IS THE RIGHT THREAD HDHHSA so im currently starting to make a vocaloid medley utau cover n i thought it would be cool if i used some of ur guys utaus in it too !! the ones without any names are the available songs if you want me to use ur utau tell me the song part and give a...
  7. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    autocvvc wont work

    most of the time i just get this error lol (trying to convert cv to cvvc) ive only had it work with like 3 voicebanks anyone know how to fix it ?
  8. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    cv oto request

    anyone willing to oto a cv voicebank? recorded one today and while i can oto cv myself, i am incredibly lazy n dont feel like doing it lol. could do a drawing of your utau as payment if wanted
  9. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    Open ill draw your utau !! :D (open)

    ive been really bored lately n i wanna draw some so i think this will be fun :D art examples, tho unless i rlly like ur utau ill probably draw them chibi ☠️
  10. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!


    my name is tabby/mi1chi :D i use they/xe/he/she pronouns and i have 11 utaus of my own !! ive been using utau for a year and i had an acct on here previously but i forgot the password ☠️