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  1. spookysneeze

    Critique Requested 【13 UTAUカバー】 I Wish【WJSN x UTAU】

    Eyyy! This cover took a while to make, mainly bc of technical issues, but I can finally post it!
  2. spookysneeze

    When picking out UTAU, how much does a UTAU's design influence your decision?

    Voice comes first, but I'm more inclined to check out an UTAU if their design catches my eye first. The voice should always be most important obviously, but since there's like a gazillion million UTAU out there it doesn't hurt to make your design stand out against others ^^
  3. spookysneeze

    Does your Utau have any friends?

    My UTAU Selky and my friend Akirachal's (idk if she has an account here) UTAU Anna have this sort of like, sisterly relationship? Like they're not related but they act like it. And then canonically she has other friends, but they're not UTAUs so idk if it counts-
  4. spookysneeze

    Any good CV Utau recommendations?

    Nemikine Kiti has a really nice CV bank that I'd rlly recommend!
  5. spookysneeze

    Critique Requested Radio Happy (short ver.)【Selky】

    this song is a bop credits in the sc link!
  6. spookysneeze

    partial's utau doodles

    i keep being shooketh by your art
  7. spookysneeze

    Therefore, You And Me 【Selky ft. Iyoku Kanai】+PV

    Yooooo I'm hella proud, I actually finished a proper PV!
  8. spookysneeze

    Looking for opinions on posting untuned usts

    I always get rid of the original tuning on an UST before I use it now so I don't personally see it as a bad thing, that's just my opinion on it tho! if you want to just get it out there, I think it's just fine to post the UST and specify that you might post a tuned one later?
  9. spookysneeze

    【UTAUカバー】Black Song【Selky】+ PV

    i love all of the music in drakengard 3, its so good CREDITS: UST: CodyTailor UTAU: Selky -CORAL- mix/tune/video: me lol
  10. spookysneeze

    Nue's art dump

    wuo it's been a little while! heres some stuff also here's a shot from a pv I'm making! it has a lot of UTAU references in them, see if you can spot em ;3
  11. spookysneeze

    Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】Megitsune/メギツネ【Crecia Selestawa, Tohoku Itako, Selky】

    i finally found an UST for this song, yeSSSSS- Credits in the SC post! Critique appreciated ^^
  12. spookysneeze

    Shin'nosuke Hankyo -HORUS- Design Contest

    Here's my take! Very messy drawing whoops Decided to do two colour schemes, one brighter one and one darker one
  13. spookysneeze


    aaa your UTAU sounds so nice and the PV looks great??
  14. spookysneeze

    【UTAUカバー】Satisfaction 【Andrew KOE】

    yooo guess who actually used a male UTAU for once! P proud of this, even added in a lil extra adlib kind of thing using samples from their omake folder CREDITS: ORIGINAL: KZ Livetune UST: Maplestyle TUNING/MIXING/ART/ECT: me UTAU: Andrew KOE (Also used Anna KOE for the harmonies)
  15. spookysneeze

    Voicebank Selky

    spookysneeze updated Selky View updates to this showcase item...
  16. spookysneeze

    I had that issue too but a few minutes later it was working, so I think it might be fixed?

    I had that issue too but a few minutes later it was working, so I think it might be fixed?
  17. spookysneeze

    ok.. ok.. I thiiink I'm getting the hang of vcv otos...

    ok.. ok.. I thiiink I'm getting the hang of vcv otos...
  18. spookysneeze

    Nue's art dump

    ;w; ty m'dudes--