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  1. spookysneeze

    Critique Requested 【13 UTAUカバー】 I Wish【WJSN x UTAU】

    Eyyy! This cover took a while to make, mainly bc of technical issues, but I can finally post it!
  2. spookysneeze

    Critique Requested Radio Happy (short ver.)【Selky】

    this song is a bop credits in the sc link!
  3. spookysneeze

    Therefore, You And Me 【Selky ft. Iyoku Kanai】+PV

    Yooooo I'm hella proud, I actually finished a proper PV!
  4. spookysneeze

    【UTAUカバー】Black Song【Selky】+ PV

    i love all of the music in drakengard 3, its so good CREDITS: UST: CodyTailor UTAU: Selky -CORAL- mix/tune/video: me lol
  5. spookysneeze

    Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】Megitsune/メギツネ【Crecia Selestawa, Tohoku Itako, Selky】

    i finally found an UST for this song, yeSSSSS- Credits in the SC post! Critique appreciated ^^
  6. spookysneeze

    【UTAUカバー】Satisfaction 【Andrew KOE】

    yooo guess who actually used a male UTAU for once! P proud of this, even added in a lil extra adlib kind of thing using samples from their omake folder CREDITS: ORIGINAL: KZ Livetune UST: Maplestyle TUNING/MIXING/ART/ECT: me UTAU: Andrew KOE (Also used Anna KOE for the harmonies)
  7. spookysneeze

    Offering Art UTAU sketch requests!

    Hey, I'm in the mood to draw rn but I don't have any inspiration, so I'm taking a few sketch requests! First come first served, jus reply w a reference picture of your UTAU and their name n stuff, and I'll get around to it! Because this is just a fun sketch thing and I also have school stuff I...
  8. spookysneeze

    Open Art OTO Art in exchange for a VCV oto

    Hey! So, oto'ing VCV banks is a bit of an enigma for me and I can't seem to properly figure it out so I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to oto a vb for me. I'll learn eventually dw i know it's probably really easy Although it's planned to be multipitch, rn I only need the oto for the...
  9. spookysneeze

    Critique Requested News 39 【Selky】

    i've had this sitting on my computer for a while but I finally got off my ass and mixed it!!! whoooo- I'd like some feedback, I guess on both the mixing and the tuning? bc I'm not really sure how good I am at either lol
  10. spookysneeze

    Mobage style UTAU cards + Template

    no idea if this is the right place to put this or if I've actually even explained it in a way that makes sense but oooo well- Okay, so I'm kind of a big fan of weeby mobile idol games like Love Live SIF and Idolm@ster Dereste, and I also like UTAU (obviously), so for fun I had the idea of...
  11. spookysneeze

    KiLLER LADY 【音暖ののん/Nono Nonon -QUEEN-】

    kinda lazy PV bc my tablet is noooot working so I can't draw any art for it ;-; also this is my first time using Nonon Nono's vbs and this one is well named bc... god what a queen + c r e d i t s + UST: Dei-Chan ORIG: Hachioji-P UTAU: Nono Nonon -QUEEN-
  12. spookysneeze


    ((yeah I know I posted like two days ago I've been working on a lot of stuff at the same time-)) Feels kinda nice to just do a simple video for a cover, I think this'll probably become the standard for my UTAU stuff 'cause I'm gonna get busier with other stuff in the next few weeks ;; Anyway-...
  13. spookysneeze

    An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness【Selky】

    a totally normal; non-yandere love song! ..I guess it kinda loses a bit of impact if you don't understand the lyrics tho, lol- anyway! ~ c r e d i t s ~ SONG: Utata-P UST: echoblossom123 UTAU: Selky (Making a PV for it too, so I'll add the youtube link when it's done!)
  14. spookysneeze

    Friends for this seal child?

    Okay so! Since a lot of the songs I've been wanting to cover with my UTAU are duet and group songs and such, I got to thinking it'd be good if Selky had some canon UTAU friendships and stuff? (I always feel a lil bit awkward using my UTAU alongside someone elses without asking, even tho I know...
  15. spookysneeze

    Feedback on this PV/MV?

    Okay so! I'm not neeeew to video editing but I've never really like, finished a properly edited music video for a cover (or anything really) until now, and I'm kind of proud of how it looks, but I'd also like a bit of critique on it because, again, this is the first one I've managed to properly...
  16. spookysneeze


    I actually managed to finish a proper PV for once! It's kinda amateurish because I still don't know my way around Sony Vegas yet, and this is the first proper PV I've posted I think? But I'm kinda proud and it took a while to make so I'd appreciate people checking it out! utaus used (bc there...
  17. spookysneeze

    What are some of your favorite UTAU designs?

    Basically what it says in the title - what are some of your favorite character designs for UTAU? (alternate costumes/designs included) Off the top of my head I really like Kumi Hitsuboku, (the whole calligraphy pen crown thing is really cute) Darling (for some reason she reminds me of like, a...
  18. spookysneeze

    Dissolving Girl / 少女溶解 「せるき/Selky」+ PV

    I remembered how much of a bop this song was and immediately started looking for an UST lol- Also, it's p minimal but I made a lil PV for it! (but I'll include the SC link in case you just wanna listen) c r e d i t s: song: Dissolving Girl by Tsunatsubu UST: Half A Head UTAU: Selky...
  19. spookysneeze

    Nue's art dump

    Thought I'd start an art thread! The last time I posted art on here was about.. 2015? So I think I've improved a bit since then- its (p much) from newest to oldest, these are mainly all from 2018 or late 2017?