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  1. IrisFlower

    Hello~ I'm Yoichi

    Oh hey I know you~! Welcome to the forum!
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    your opinions on pitching...

    So long as it's your own voice you're pitching or editing and you're not going around pitching other people's vocals outside of the UTAU program, I don't see a problem with it other than the quality of the bank being affected. And at the end of the day that's on you, friend, and nobody else. As...
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    Yes. Hentai was alerted and fixed it last night~

    Yes. Hentai was alerted and fixed it last night~
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    The Vocal Render Hub

    Not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. If you could help me out here and there it'd be greatly appreciated~ ouo
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    If there was one thing you would tell newcomers, what would it be?

    I would say: Don't let people who are better than you discourage you or stop you from branching out and trying new things. 99% of the time, that really talented artist or user has been at it for years already. You're just starting. Of course your stuff isn't going to be nearly as "good". But...
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    Why do we use Hiragana for UTAU?

    Well, when recording an English bank, you wouldn't want to just record single words like "monkey" or "phenomenon" would you? Otherwise you'll be recording for a very long time. Same could be said for Japanese. Or any language. You can't just record full blown words or we'd never get anywhere. So...
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    The Vocal Render Hub

    Okay, people have been added and the list should be up to date now. At least more so than before. There are some people who probably need to be removed(and who definitely need to be removed) but I currently do not have the time to set aside to do that and will have to get to it at a later date~...
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    Help opening Piapro?

    As a VST Piapro studio should work with most DAWs unless the DAW itself has a restrictions on VSTs(like Studio One...) You could try using Piapro Studio with a different DAW like REAPER? I personally haven't tried it with REAPER because I don't have to but I've heard it runs on that.
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    Help opening Piapro?

    What version of Studio One are you using? Do you actually own it or are you using the free version? I'm not used to how the demo's work, it's been a LONG time since I've used one and it was Luka's...are you sure everything is registered and installed properly?
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    Voicebank Iris Libra

    IrisFlower updated Iris Libra View updates to this showcase item...
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    【VOCALOID Original】 I Am LUMi 【LUMi】

    I read this and my first thought was, "I haven't said anything yet???". This just goes to show I've been gone far too long.... Okay, but to get down to business. First, allow me to address everyone EXCEPT TJ: Yes, when someone posts their work they leave themselves open to any and all...
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    ASDR is looking for Artists!

    Hello, UF! IrisFlower here and I hope you are all doing well. I'm here today to let you all know that ASDR is currently working very hard on their next project, an 80's styled album affectionately titled Colour By Neon! Next to the songs for the album we are also going to be making a digital...
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    Concerning tuning-related commissions

    As a producer: I wouldn't mind tuning trading that involved my song so long as there is no real life money being involved. This is one part "As the creator...I should be the only one making any bank off of my music" and two parts "All but one of my songs are available for free so really NOBODY...
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    Korean Vocaloid 4: Uni

    New UNI demo~ And I personally love this one a lot.
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    New Voice Bank Type for UTAU?

    I'm sorry but I'm just going to play devil's advocate for a moment and say that what they might have meant is that they were going to use this reclist as an experiment to get a more human sounding UTAU...and then present the end results to the UHP should the experiment result in a super smooth...
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    In need of an UTAU drawer.

    It's okay. Like we said you just have to find other references too. Like pictures of outfits and hairstyles you'd like them to have. That way if someone decides to help you they have more accurate things to work with.
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    In need of an UTAU drawer.

    Okay, first, I apologize if I'm making a terrible assumption here but I have to ask you something. Are those your characters in the references you're giving? Because to me it looks like they both belong to two different people and are their OCs. The boy even has animal ears while the girl does...
  18. IrisFlower

    If you had to use only one voicebank for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?

    So only one UTAU Voicebank?? I'd have to pick Iris's VCCV English then. That way I could do originals and covers. Plus, in the original department, I own Iris so I don't have to worry much about copyrights if at all.
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    【VOCALOID Original】Miracle Worker【Megurine Luka V4x】

    I finished it~ The original I've been working on non-stop for I don't even know how long anymore. It's been months and then days of tweaking everything from the background music to the background artwork. So I hope you guys enjoy! MIDI + Off Vocal Download Bandcamp
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    New Voice Bank Type for UTAU?

    Hmm, up until the [ba ka e] part it sounds closer to CVVC than VCV to me. Since CVVC can have the VC alias like [a rr] and the VV alias like [aえ]. Is the [ba ka e] part supposed to be word or phrase? Like the voice would sing "baka e" in UTAU using only one note? How is this going to...