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  1. 수연 <Suyeon>

    UTAU failing to make vcv teto sing?

    Clearly, you are not understanding what @Kiyoteru has posted. The voicebank you are using is Teto's CV - consonant vowel - library. The library has VV - vowel vowel - combinations. The reason the Lyric Diphonizer is not working is because its purpose is to make the UST compatible with VCV -...
  2. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Does UTAU works in Windows 11?

    Yes, it works. Yes, it works with default resampler. Yes, you still need Japanese Locale and to run as admin/change user settings for the UTAU folder if you install in Programs (x86). There are alternatives such as UTSU and OpenUtau in active development if you're concerned about future-proofing...
  3. 수연 <Suyeon>

    First time using Vocaloid and I have a question.

    Unfortunately, we cannot help you with inquiries involving illegally downloaded software. You can buy Kagamine Rin and Len from the following links, which will include their Japanese Libraries, English Libraries, Piapro Studio (an editor that's made by Crypton Future Media to eliminate having...
  4. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Merge notes in utau?

    Select the notes you need to merge and Ctrl+U. Change the lyric after merging (merging notes will combine the lyrics as well, so [a] [ba] becomes [aba] and it will not render).
  5. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Can I make my own synth from scratch or something??

    I read the initial post as "from scratch" instead of "with Scratch." That said, I'm not familiar with the programming language you want to use, but you can ask UTSU's developer how you can integrate that into the project.
  6. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Can I make my own synth from scratch or something??

    Why not build upon what's already available? UTSU is an open source front end to UTAU that's cross platform and in active development. Ask the developer how you can get involved. They're more active on...
  7. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Can someone oto my CV voicebank in return for art? - test run of the oto. this link will expire in 24 hours - the oto
  8. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Can someone oto my CV voicebank in return for art?

    The artwork is by @melobuniiP but, yes - this is a library I'm currently working on (already recorded and configured for the most part, but I want to refine some things before release). @flufferi thank you for the quick turn around. I'll get started tonight since I just received word about a...
  9. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Can someone oto my CV voicebank in return for art?

    I can knock that oto out for you. Feel free to use this link for reference.
  10. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Beta english reclist Utau voicer needed

    First... Please just type everything you need to say into one post to avoid a lot of unnecessary merging. Second... I'm an adult. I was at work. Many people who frequent (or used to frequent) this forum are adults. Many people have jobs, school/college, or both. It's not respectful to bombard...
  11. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Beta english reclist Utau voicer needed

    Do you have a working example of how this reclist sounds after configuration?
  12. 수연 <Suyeon>

    The voicebank that I downloaded got the breath feature separately. how do i put it into the main voicebank?

    Can you specify the library you're trying to work with if there are multiple for this character? Providing an answer to your question is difficult if you don't state the exact library/ies you are using. Edit: Okay... I can see that the is made entirely of end breaths and...
  13. 수연 <Suyeon>

    The ¨wav¨ of a utau are in Chinese but the ¨oto¨ in hiragana

    You can't really do anything about the Chinese filenames unless you want to spend all your time listening to and changing the names of all the files. I think there's a tool to convert the Chinese to Hiragana, but my google-fu is lacking. I recommend downloading this library's -intern- version...
  14. 수연 <Suyeon>

    need help figuring out how to make my first vcv

    Glottal stops are fine for a little stylistic variation. Nothing wrong with those. As for breaths, I would use the Vocaloid method of having them be separate from the overall bank (they just don't sound good synthesized). Users can add them during the mixing stage if they so desire.
  15. 수연 <Suyeon>

    need help figuring out how to make my first vcv

    First, I would use a better reclist. You don't need kwa, gwa, etc. for Japanese. Those extra sounds are just filler that will never be used outside of extremely rare occasions. This is a reclist optimized for Japanese without filler and without repeats...
  16. 수연 <Suyeon>

    Open Can someone help oto my Jinriki CVVC Voicebank?

    It is generally not encouraged to ask for assistance with voicebanks made via 3rd party sources (ie, you didn't speak to the provider of the samples about this project, therefore, you're making a library without their consent). If you're going to make a jinriki anyway, we can't stop you. That...
  17. 수연 <Suyeon>

    UTAU to Vocaloid port?

    This is not possible. To add a voice for use with the vocaloid engine requires their proprietary dev kit which is not available to the general public. Regarding what you may have seen online: it is illegal to port the results of one synth for use in another synth, regardless of the direction. If...
  18. 수연 <Suyeon>

    UTAU won't work even with all required settings

    Have you tried moving everything UTAU related out of Programs (x86) to another location such as Documents?
  19. 수연 <Suyeon>

    having trouble recording my utualoids voice banks and none of the recording software works

    Can you screencap what your settings are in the program you're using? Is the mic itself being seen by the computer?
  20. 수연 <Suyeon>

    having trouble recording my utualoids voice banks and none of the recording software works

    For Oremo, you set your input (mic) and output (speaker/earphones) by going to Option and Audio I/O Settings. The input device should be your mic and the output device should be your speakers, earbuds, etc. Adjust the input gain if you can't hear anything when you playback (Space key). To...