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  1. skewb

    How to add hirigana to a romaji voicebank?

    I want to release a voicebank soon, but I'd like it to have hirigana encoding (?) alongside romaji. I know I could copy-paste the files but I'm worried I'll have to redo the oto-ing if I do that. I'm nervous I'm gonna screw up the voicebank (this has happened before), so I thought I'd ask the...
  2. skewb

    Who's your UTAU ace?

    Whether it be the one you enjoy using the most, the one you have the best time tuning/mixing/etc, or just your favorite! Mine is a tie between Acme Iku and Haruka Nana!
  3. skewb

    Help finding a UST? (might be lost to time idk)

    Looking to see if anyone has an archive of yusukekira's cLick cRack UST? Or, if anyone has another UST/VSQX of that song, thats fine too! Been wanting to cover it for a long time, but I haven't really been able to find an already existing UST that hasn't been basically scrubbed from the internet...
  4. skewb

    What version of Tsurumaki Maki English AI has vocal modes/cross-language?

    I understand! You don’t have to if it’s completely unwarranted, I just realized I’m stupid and my version of the VB was an older version and needed to be updated (thought I’d explain if you keep this post up and someone else has the same problem lol)
  5. skewb

    What version of Tsurumaki Maki English AI has vocal modes/cross-language?

    I bought a version that doesn't have them. I don't even care (I am a broken man) I just want to know which one's the right one :bigtears: 1673570706 on a related note, trading is against TOS but does anyone know the policy on gifting? I don't want this vb LOL NVM figured it out but if someone...
  6. skewb

    romaji cv .oto for a fully colored drawing!!

    made a new voicebank recently and need help otoing it (bc i'm comically bad at doing so)!! here's some examples of my work: i'm willing to draw pretty much anything, i just won't draw nsfw (or other related...
  7. skewb

    let me use yalls utaus (for a medley) (temporary closed need to update)

    this is so cool!! here's my guy GOOloid !! (they're a CV voicebank btw) and here's their art if you need it!! maybe you could use them for odds and ends? but whichever u think fits is fine! thanks for the opportunity!
  8. skewb

    (OPEN) Trading Art or Tuning for Mixing!

    awesome! I have a few resources (the song is slightly pitched up lol) so I can dm u those if thats ok?
  9. skewb

    (OPEN) Trading Art or Tuning for Mixing!

    sorry all i ever do is log on and e-beg :uhuhu: im useless with mixing but i have a cover I would really love to come out sounding nice for once, so if anyone's willing to do some mixing for me I'd be happy to tune a song or draw a pic in return! <3 Art Examples Tuning Examples
  10. skewb

    (OPEN) Trading Art or Tuning for CVVC oto!

    awesome! DM me the ref for yr UTAUloid then and I’ll send u the vb when it’s ready!!
  11. skewb

    (OPEN) Trading Art or Tuning for CVVC oto!

    I don’t cuz I realized CVVC is wildly different to what I thought it was, but if you could do a VCV oto instead i can take you up on the offer!
  12. skewb

    how to put UTAU tuning into an SVP?

    I’ve seen people who are able to do this and Im wondering if anyone can tell me how? Is it something to do with utaformatix or is there another way to do it?
  13. skewb

    (OPEN) Trading Art or Tuning for CVVC oto!

    I'm making an updated voicebank for my character, but I'm pretty useless at otoing so I'm looking for someone who can oto a CVVC Japanese voicebank! Art Examples Tuning Examples Contact me on here or on Twitter (@spacescoob8) if you're interested in taking up the offer! Thank you <3 !
  14. skewb

    wav problems

    so I have this problem where sometimes I'll open a UST into utau and the sounds will come out as if they're the raw recordings but slightly pitched. I'm pretty sure it happens because the UST has been converted from a VSQX, but does anyone know how to fix it so that it sounds normal? (edit: only...
  15. skewb

    art for japanese oto

    awesome! here's a few examples of my humanoid stuff (tho if you're looking for smthn else i've got more examples up on the same acc lol) , , .
  16. skewb

    art for japanese oto

    hi! are u still doing these? (it's ok if not ^_^ also sorry if the reply is annoying idk how to pm on here)
  17. skewb

    art for masculine voice!

    sounds good! like i said i'm not super picky LOL, feel free to message me with an example or smthn if you want! :uhuhu:
  18. skewb

    art for masculine voice!

    idk if it’s just my device or if the image files died as soon as i posted this but u can find art examples here too
  19. skewb

    art for masculine voice!

    hey! im in need of a masculine VCV bank voice (as i am a feminine voice haver personally, also my mic is awful so i can’t really record my own stuff atm). im looking for a voice that‘s powerful and not too deep (think like a young adult kinda thing), other than that I’m not too picky! in...