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  1. vanillashake

    S5P to VSQ

    Whenever I move my S5P file into utaformatix and make it into a VSQ, none of the dinamics come with it. What can i do?
  2. vanillashake

    Vocaloid too many notwa issue?

    Hello! So i'm currently making a cover of "My Time" by bo en. im on the last few notes.. and when i add some lyrics or snip the vocals, it turns off...? when i tried to save it showed an error popup.. This video shows somewhat of what was happening-- this has never happened before, i had 12...
  3. vanillashake

    Teto VCV voice bank issue

    it didn't work, but thank you for the help :) they are very minisqule notes, so i should be fine!
  4. vanillashake

    Teto VCV voice bank issue

    hello! so i'm doing a cover of Jitterbug and Kasane Teto's voicebank in VCV is needing to sing "i お" yet it's no where to be seen- in the UTAU program it says that the .wav file does not exist and it doesn't in the files. what can i use to replace "i お"? same goes for "e 息"