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  1. Kiyoteru

    [raise by generate-batch-process] path not found

    Did you leave utau installed in program files? Make sure to move the entire utau folder to somewhere else, like documents.
  2. Kiyoteru

    otoing does not show up in the oto

    It looks like the UTAU folder is still in Program Files. Move the entire folder to a location like Documents.
  3. Kiyoteru

    AmeyaP latest Update 9/15

    As this is a forum, you're free to continue updating the same original thread instead of creating a new one. That will also notify all of the members who were following the previous thread.
  4. Kiyoteru

    Does anyone know any good books/ resources on the composition of Rock music

    Most rock musicians don't learn their genre from books and lessons, but from direct experience with the music. I highly recommend making full band covers of songs, even if you're using virtual instruments for every member. Learn how to read tab, then look up tabs for songs on websites like...
  5. Kiyoteru

    Error when I try to play

    Make sure to move the entire UTAU folder to another location, such as Documents. Try using a different voicebank as well, and make sure the format of the lyrics matches the format of the voicebank.
  6. Kiyoteru

    Error when I try to play

    Where is UTAU installed? Have you moved it to a location outside of Program Files? Which voicebank are you using?
  7. Kiyoteru

    How to add breath note????

    You can remove these from the UST by changing the lyric to the letter R. If the voicebank you're using has extra breath samples, you can add them while mixing the final song.
  8. Kiyoteru

    VCV voicebanks not making sound and showing file load error

    Iroiro has many useful basic tools including CV to VCV conversion.
  9. Kiyoteru

    OREMO not generating oto properly

    OREMO/SetParam's OTO generators need the filenames to be in hiragana. Moresampler's OTO generator can use romaji, but the filenames should use underscores _ instead of hyphens - vLabeler's OTO template generator is highly customizable, but you'll need to do batch edits afterwards to change the...
  10. Kiyoteru

    Help with downloading SetParam

    I poked around a bit on archives and this link seems to be working. The workflow between setparam and vlabeler is pretty similar, but vlabeler also has a lot of powerful batch-editing...
  11. Kiyoteru

    Help with downloading SetParam

    OREMO and setParam both permit redistribution. I don't currently have access to my files, but can upload those later. In the meantime, you might want to see if a modern alternative to setParam fits your needs.
  12. Kiyoteru

    UTAU hiding files??

    Yes, this is the recommended installation setup. If you want to use a completely separate folder for voicebanks, like on an external drive, you can change this in utau's settings.
  13. Kiyoteru

    UTAU hiding files??

    Did you install UTAU in program files? Move the entire folder to another location, such as Documents.
  14. Kiyoteru

    UTAU Gives "Unexpected Error" when trying to import a midi file

    Please take a screenshot of the error so we can read the full text. For FL studio, I recommend exporting the single track midi directly from the piano roll, instead of converting the whole project to midi for export.
  15. Kiyoteru

    Any advice for someone who is new to mastering?

    The term you're looking for is probably "mixing", not "mastering". Mastering would be the process of preparing audio for final distribution, like having the correct file formats to upload into a distributor, or preparing the arrangement of album tracks for pressing onto vinyl records. For loud...
  16. Kiyoteru

    OpenUtau crashing with this one voicebank

    There's a couple things we could check. Tools > Singers > select the voicebank > gear icon > Generate singer error report Help > Open logs location > find the log file from the day of the crash. The files are labelled in YYYYMMDD format.
  17. Kiyoteru

    Music distribution service BIG UP! allows international vocal synth producers to monetize their work

    Ah, seems like this is a new feature. I used Big Up years ago.
  18. Kiyoteru

    Music distribution service BIG UP! allows international vocal synth producers to monetize their work

    Please note that your album art must contain the character's name and artwork, ideally official artwork. If you use your own artwork the system may not recognize the Vocaloid character and refuse to publish the music. When published, the name of the Vocaloid will also be used as the primary...
  19. Kiyoteru

    Selection Glitch

    Click the very bottom right corner of the UTAU window to make the letter M appear. This will allow multi movement.
  20. Kiyoteru

    LF VCCV OTO Commission

    Hi, I accept orders for all bank types, and have worked with a lot of English banks before. Feel free to check out the rates and details here.