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  1. Rimi-chan

    Ready Steady cover

    Shameless promotion. Out.
  2. Rimi-chan

    High Hopes- Hirata Shou

  3. Rimi-chan

    Youtube challenge #1

    Since I'm bored, I'll do a challenge for my Youtube channel. If I can get 100 subscribers within posting 16 videos to the public (right now it's six), I will make another original song (as of the time of this post, the first one is still in the making due to a busy schedule) and open up my ko-fi...
  4. Rimi-chan

    Hyakkisai- 湯鬱声からす (UTAU cover)

  5. Rimi-chan

    Dominion-Sweet Revenge K

    Can someone make a ust of Dominion by Sweet Revenge K? I want to at least give this artist some recognition, but making a ust on my own is a headache.
  6. Rimi-chan

    Kotaro Mikeno- Dare mo shiranai Happy End

    I just realize how bittersweet this song is.
  7. Rimi-chan

    Music composer choices

    So I'm trying to make an original rock song with KYE. More people were interested in it than I expected, including some choices which I placed below. I'm very indecisive about this. Could anyone please provide some feedback for the right decision? If you want to analyze more of their music, I'm...
  8. Rimi-chan

    Vocaloid Fes

    Just curious. How many of you watched Vocaloid Fes 2020 on video?
  9. Rimi-chan


    In a cover, I want to fix some of the more robotic parts of the UTAU, but the frequency is already fine as it is. Moresampler helped me out of similar ruts, but for this particular voicebank, it didn't work. I want to use the humanizer plugin to fix this, but so far in my Internet search, no...
  10. Rimi-chan

    This is what true sadness looks like.

    Do you ever feel mentally scarred when you see this in a voicebank? It hurts when a good voice sounds like it's gonna croak any moment.
  11. Rimi-chan

    To Your Eternity

    Yoooooooo. To Your Eternity is going to have an anime soon!
  12. Rimi-chan

    Machine Gun- KYE Imma crawl back into my squalid ditch now.
  13. Rimi-chan

    Controversial opinion

    Watermelons don't deserve love.
  14. Rimi-chan

    晴天を穿つ [Beau Lou]

    I made this cover of one of Kasamura Tota's songs in about two days. I honestly didn't do much, but it was pretty rad. credits in the link
  15. Rimi-chan

    Accidentally in Love cover

    I spent several hours on this thing. Hatori's voice sounds nice, but since tuning it is hard, I don't know if I would recommend him for use.Yes, I noticed that there are flaws, but at this point, I just want to be content with it...
  16. Rimi-chan


    I've been fascinated with UTAU for many months now. I want to improve my tuning skills even though I don't know if there will be many more people coming into this community. Anyway, I'll hang out here for a while. :)
  17. Rimi-chan

    need ust

    Does someone have a ust to Daremo Shiranai Happy Ending? Here's what it sounds like:
  18. Rimi-chan

    program error

    When I try to insert new notes into a ust, it sounds metallic. It's not just for one specific voicebank; all of the ones I use have the same problem. They sound fine when I import a ust though. Perhaps the UTAU program got corrupted. Moresampler can fix the raspiness, but it makes the voicebank...