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    Open Offering OTO Looking to commission OTO.ini

    2 pitch VCV JP, base configuration already set, looking to have it done by August 15. PayPal preferred, but I also have Venmo and can offer some simple animation in trade. Price is very flexible, I just want this to work.
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    Trying to relearn MMD/PMDE and my model's feet are so broken, help

    Trying to relearn MMD/PMDE and my model's feet are so broken, help
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    I've been gone for so long it isn't even funny.

    So, uh. It's been about a year since I last posted anything worth talking about(this cover of The Lost One's Weeping), three since my last voicebank release. What have I missed? What are the current hot songs?
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    Inactive PayPal Points OTO Will OTO Voicebanks For Affordable Prices!

    Are you still taking these commissions? I've been on hiatus for ages and just recorded a new bank. It's on your VCV reclist, romaji based, and I'll pay extra for aliases. $14.50, if I'm calculating that correctly.
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    Will cover songs or oto CV for minor MMD physics The ponytail doesn't swing properly, and I can't seem to fix it. I'll cover songs, tune, oto CV, or even draw(even though I suck) for someone to help me.
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    Promote Unknown UTAU's

    Actually, Sora's one of the few traps I've heard is actually voiced by a guy. I guess it's working. (If you don't believe me, run his profile through a translator, it's linked in the video description.)
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    I need people who like Pokémon

    I'd love to team-play Emerald, but I do have the files for FireRed on my computer.
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    I need people who like Pokémon

    I'll join.
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    Teto Sakebi, Ritsu Kire, Tei Sukone, Ruko Renzoku. :3

    Yeah, those are just her VCV. Scottei is her nickname. Sukone Tei=Suko Tei=Scottei.
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    What is Multipitch Voicebank?

    Well, there's this thing called Prefix Map built into UTAU. If you record multiple versions of a voice and put them in one folder with different letters, numbers, or symbols after them, you can put those into the Prefix map so they are automatically used on certain notes. Multipitch is where the...
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    Teto Sakebi, Ritsu Kire, Tei Sukone, Ruko Renzoku. :3

    Tei has an append? I mean, I've heard the whisper bank, but it seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Is that what you mean, or can you link me to what you heard?
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    Have you heard of CeVIO ?

    And just switching locale isn't good enough. I can get it to open, but it freezes when I try to put in anything but Romaji, which it reads out as individual letters.
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    【UTAU】Paint It Blue/青く塗れ 【波音リツ・キレ音源】 Still not sure which version I like better. The original was really creepy(which worked well), but this suits the rock-ness better.
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    Recording pitch(es)

    I usually record Azure at C4. Crimson gets the lowest note I can hit with her voice. Calliope is a slightly higher voice, but pitched down.
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    Voicebank Evolutions?

    Azure v1 Alter DESU v2 Alter GLOW v3(beta)
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    Prefered sites to host voice libraries

    My computer has this weird glitch where it gives me multiple Javascript errors on some pages(even with Java turned off), and Mediafire always gives me at least 6 per page and then more when I actually download anything, so not that...
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    [♠ ♥ ♣ ♦] SUiT Project [22/06] [Utau Completion Deadline!]

    Aye! And I think Calli's fine, but I might try to get her some better art.
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    Tell us how that goes, Ant. You contacted them longer ago than I did.
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    Vent/Rant Thread