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    【UTAU Synth】 Catch You, Catch Me 【Asane Bou】+ UST
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    【UTAU BIRTHDAY】 null【Teto Kasane】 CopyPasta from my YT description: Happy birthday, you baguette-loving freak. ♡ I really like how this cover turned out. Of course, it's not perfect, but I think I managed to keep Teto from sounding unpleasantly abrasive. I mean, this is a...
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    Round Dance Revolution 【Samura Tomi】+ UST
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    Opinion on CVVC Japanese Voicebanks?

    So, at first I thought Japanese CVVC was totally dumb and redundant, but now I really think they're cool and I want to record a CVVC bank. So what do you guys think of Japanese CVVC? I don't see much CVVC use, tbh. (Unless it's English, in which case it's the status quo.)
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    Egoselfish - Yuuki Yasune RUSH
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    What kinds of samples do you put in the omake folder?

    I'm making an omake reclist for a newcomer and I want to know what kinds of things people usually involve in their omake folders (if you even use / make omake folders). For those who don't know, an omake (おまけ) folder usually holds extra samples, such as voiceacting bits and other things.
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    UTAU Synth Issues

    Hey there. I'm having some problems with UTAU Synth. So I'm recording a bank and stuff right? Got all my samples recorded, compiled it into a nifty .utau file and stuff. But when I go into playback the noise hiccups. I've checked the sample multiple times, and there's no hiccup sound at all...
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    【UTAU Synth】The Lost One's Weeping 【Kasane Teto】
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    【UTAU Synth】Deadline Circus 【Iris Libra ・ Kazu ・ Chino Okashi】
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    Looking for CV Voicebanks

    Hi. I'm thinking of using some CV voicebanks for my UST releases, because why the hell not? So yeah, send me your voicebanks and stuff, and I'll check them out. Just include a voice sample so I know what I'd be working with here. I'm probably not going to download voices with a bad oto...
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    Cyber Thunder Cider- Kazu ACT2 So I got some amazing headphones for Christmas, and decided to try really hard at mixing.
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    Need a VCV oto.

    Please oto my bby. I can do a couple of things in return for a VCV oto. 1. Tune USTs. 2. Concept Artwork / Character Design 3. Cover Artwork 4. USTs (Although I have a really hard time with some songs and especially harmonies.) 5. Anything else you'd like me to do. <3 I do UTAU Synth, so even...
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    So Oliver does the voice of PuppyCat

    In case you don't know what Bee and PuppyCat is, it's an animated series that's looking to get a full season through raising money on kickstarter. And cute little Oliver is the voicer for PuppyCat. How do y'all feel about that?
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    Pitchbending Crit?

    Anyone want to rate and critique my overall pitchbending? I don't really think I have an obvious pitchbending style yet; since I try to switch it up every once in a while, but I'm pretty oblivious to this kind of stuff in general. Here's...
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    Off Vocal Request Thread

    I'm sure it's all happened to us. We find a song that we love, and we get all excited at the thought of covering it, but to our dismay the producer never released the off vocal. So what do we do? Wait for the producer to maybe upload it? I think, we can take this as an opportunity for people to...
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    Need Voice Provider

    KINGSLEY Concept Art OK, here's the deal. I'm looking for a voice provider for this little snot here. His name's Kingsley, he's 15-16 years old and he's one of the most self-entitled and mean-spirited kids you'll ever meet. He says he's a prince of some long forgotten land, but for all we...
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    Don't Starve Frustrating little game (probably because I suck at it), but highly addictive. The art style is quirky and dark, and the gameplay is exciting every time you generate a new world. Does anyone else play this game, or is it just me?
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    Pudding's USTs

    Please be aware that the poll is closed. I don't know how to delete polls orz UST Download Folder Old .USTs White Knight (Original by Empath-P feat. Cul) NOTE: Permission was granted from AkiGlancy on my previous account PurinPuff [Original] [Download] New .USTs あの子がボクを怖がりません: That Girl is...
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    My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley I

    So, I want to get the opportunity to try out many different voicebanks, so I'm very excited to start this project. Please note that this project may take a long time, due to my busy schedule. Things You Should Know 1. Only submit one UTAU of your own. You may, however, recommend other...
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    Pudding's Tuning Service

    Here's the skinny. I want to get better at vocal tuning, so I'm offering to tune .usts, in the event that you haven't released them yet. I know it's kind of picky, but I don't want to just tune peoples' covers and I'd like to move into collaborations a bit more. Tuning Examples...