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  1. Rayven-Merleloid

    Voicebank Merleloid

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  2. Rayven-Merleloid

    【UTAU English】 Hold It Against Me 【MERLELOID VCCV】

    youtube video isn't up yet ;x;
  3. Rayven-Merleloid

    ANY GENDER Voice provider needed! (OPEN)

    Us in Merleloid have been talk about having our own UTAU for Music Originals since Vocaloid is difficult to tune. we need a voice that is not to deep and not to high. we want a female voice but it can be male as well. the banks Merle would have to have is (all will have 3 pitches VCV) Normal (a...
  4. Rayven-Merleloid

    Merleloid: Merle character design

    So, since creative skills are dying lately from art block. I need some help withthe design of Project Merleloid's offical UTAU Merle. Please submit as many pictures as you want, we could use them for future banks. ( information...
  5. Rayven-Merleloid

    Project Merleloid Help!

    Hello, my name is Jade. i write the lyrics for Merleloid. we are going to post in about a week our ORIGINAL song (friends?) but we need some help. things we need -an Artist we need a person the can cover off my sketches and make A BEAUTIFUL masterpiece for music video's - a translator we don't...
  6. Rayven-Merleloid

    Make a song?

    Lately i have been writing alot of lyrics and i have been wanting to turn them into a song, sadly i suck so bad at making instrumentals in FL and in GB when i work with them. In my UTAU group we try our best to bring our feelings and true colors out threw voice and song. (we accept anyone uvu)...
  7. Rayven-Merleloid

    Voicebank Rayven Merletta

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  8. Rayven-Merleloid

    Hi, I'm new

    uhm, hi. I'm Jade and i really like making UTAUloids. currently i have a UTAU project called "Project Merleloid" ---- (brief summary) Merleloids are UTAUloids that are made for the existence of Mythical and non-Mythical beings. The main group i am following would be birds but after i get enough...