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  1. Genosan

    How do you make PV?

    So I've been working on a cover of 平面説 or Plane Theory, and I got to wondering, what are some ways that you can make PVs? I probably won't be finished with the cover anytime soon ('cuz i'm a noob), but I was just curious to see if anyone here knows how (and how to do it for cheap/free). If any...
  2. Genosan

    I can't submit my Art for the Contest.

    I was trying to submit my entry for the Defoko Skin Art Contest, but I have insufficient privileges to be able to post in the Skin Development threads. What should I do?
  3. Genosan

    Give Away and Request Thread (Sigs and Avatars)

    Request Custom Forum Signatures and Avatars Here! I am willing to take requests for people who want custom Sigs and Avas to use on Utaforum. I am quite busy, and may not be able to get to all requests quickly, but I'll do my best. :D When you make a request, be sure to post images of the...
  4. Genosan

    Ritsu Profile Pic and Sig

    I'm liking the new utaforum (even if it still just the beta). To celebrate I figured I would pull out my tablet and do the first bit of Graphic Design I've done in a LONG time. I made myself a new Ava/Profile Pic, and a shiny new signature. Gotta love Ritsu. :3 PP: Sig: Feel free to use them...
  5. Genosan

    Practicing Tuning

    Hey guys, Genosan here. I want to start getting into tuning, and was wondering what are some good songs to practice with? Also, any pointers would be appreciated. :D
  6. Genosan

    Treading Unknown (to me anyways) Territory

    Hello everyone, I'm Genosan. A little about myself. I have interests in Art, Music, Singing, Language Learning, and Anime/Manga. I've dabbled in Graphic Design for a time, but had to give that up due mainly to time constraints. I once again have some time on my hands, and decided to pick up...